Top 5 ways to find a job during Economic Slowdown

Recession can be scary for the working professionals, but it is not the end! Here are a few tips to find a job during economic slowdown.

Top 5 ways to find a job during Economic Slowdown
Top 5 ways to find a job during Economic Slowdown

Economic slowdown is a phenomenon that an economy encounters every now and then due to both national and international situations. It might affect a single sector such as IT, banking or might affect the economy on the whole.

The business often resort to job cuts and streamline their expenses to save on the additional cost. But, during this time when it seems hard to get a job, we will suggest you some really practical ways that can help you land up with an amazing opportunity.

Whether there is economic slowdown or boom in economy, ‘Talent never loses its sheen’. It is always valued and welcomed. So, follow these 5 ways to find a job during Economic Slowdown and never slow down to climb the career ladder.

Do a SWOT analysis of your personality

When you want to land up with the job of your desire, it is important to analyse your personality first. Find out your strengths and list them on a piece of paper. It will become convenient for you to find a job that matches with your strengths and offer you a chance to polish your skills further. Thereafter, look within for your weaknesses and opportunities on which you would want to work in the future.

For say: You want to change your job and you analyse that the current desk job is not your forte. But some of your strengths are that you can work for long hours, you do not find issues working in teams, you are a traveller and yes you love to interact with people. On the other hand, you want a fixed shift and are not comfortable with variable shifts as it disturbs your body clock.

In this scenario, you can take up a marketing job that will help you make contacts with people and will boost your strengths. You can work in the day and can rest at night unlike your current desk job which troubles you with variable shift timings.

You can use the cues given below to do an effective SWOT analysis of your personality:

A SWOT analysis of your personality is only possible when you introspect and find answers to the problems being surfaced. This exercise will also help you find an exact job during economic slowdown because employers are often in search of those employees, who can  deliver high productivity and can churn higher profits for them.

Shortlist companies of your Interest

After you are done with a SWOT analysis of your personality, it is time that you shortlist companies of your interest area. You might want to get into media industry with advertising as your major domain. For this you must shortlist which advertising companies can offer you good career prospects.

If you are looking for jobs in publishing houses, you need to find out which publishing houses publish books pertaining to your area of interest. There are various publishing houses that deal with kids books. But you might to work on books from law genre.

Google the best companies that can use your skills resourcefully and can reward you accordingly. This list will act as a benchmark to fulfil your dreams and will become a launch pad to work on a job that you wish for. 

During slowdown in the economy, you might apply in numerous organisations, but only those employers will call you whose Job description will match your educational qualification, experience and skills. So, do not hit in the dark during this time.

This exercise is a must do because when the next time you go for the interview, do not land up in a situation like this:

Source: Pinterest

Use your Network

After shortlisting the companies, you must use your network to reach the HR of respective organisations if possible. You can also ask your friends and family members to help you get an interview appointment or drop your resume in their company.

When the economy is facing jerks, and slowdown, references are used for hiring because the HR can concretely do a background check. In various MNCs also, HR department heavily relies on the references and employees also get to earn reward points for the same.

To get a foot in the door, networking is the best option to grab a bright opportunity. And what better if someone known to you works in an organisation that is in the list of your shortlisted companies.

Another important checklist for networking is social media. Do not give up your reliance on Social Media to find a job. Here are a few social media statistics related to job search which might surprise you and simultaneously motivate you to search for job via social media:

Don’t stay restricted to your Hometown

Ohh yes! Domicile matters but in the job market, sometime confining yourself in the boundaries of your hometown might not work wonders for you. For say if you want to sign up for an excellent photography assignment, you might get a best opportunity in Mumbai, but because you stay in Delhi doesn’t mean that you won’t take up the job.

When the right opportunity strikes, states and country shouldn’t matter! It should be the work and profile that must be the core of your career growth. You can always negotiate about the salary part to make the ends meets while being alone in other place.

Whereas, if you give up on an opportunity while the economy is really poor on offering job to others, you might not even get the same opportunity when the employers are liberal to offer jobs because you would be just another option, not the only option.

Streamline a concrete Resume

All the actions and deep thinking about career growth needs to be put on the papers now. This is the prime document on which your personality and skills profiling will be done by the employer. If resume goes wrong, you might repent later only because you forgot to mention an important skill which was a must have for the job.

So, when you get the call for the job, always ask for the job description and read it carefully before fixing an appointment for the interview with the HR personnel. You can also streamline your resume according to the requirements of a particular job for which you are applying.

Résumé must reflect upon your strengths and emphasise on you key skills that can get you hired. In your absence, your resume will talk about your personality, interest and skills to the employer. So make sure that you put the right things to it and it delivers right message to the employer. The resume should be presentable and must get you a call if your skills are in alignment with the job description.

Find below a few adjective and actions words that you can use to describe yourself and let your “Resume do the Talking

Source: Pinterest

These were some short quick tips that can get you job even during the economic slowdown. Pick the right place to work and grab the opportunity to work when others are worried about saving their jobs.

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