Learning Passport – An Initiative of UNICEF and Microsoft amid COVID19 to promote digital learning

Learning Passport is a digital learning platform that takes care of children and their learning needs globally. It is a joint initiative of Microsoft and UNICEF in collaboration with University of Cambridge. Find out important details and how it can help you here.

Created On: Apr 23, 2020 13:03 IST
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UNICEF Learning Passport
UNICEF Learning Passport

United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and Microsoft have launched a global learning platform ‘Learning Passport’ to ensure that children across the globe are not denied access to free education during the COVID 19 outbreak. The project has been aimed to spread digital learning among the students as the schools and education institutes are closed to maintain the social distancing norms.

The primary aim of ‘Learning Passport’ is to ensure that 190 countries with a student force of 1.57 billion learners do not face a halt in the learning process. Learning Passport facilitates a continuous and smooth learning environment for the students through mobile, desktop, laptop or any other medium that can connects them online to the UNICEF’s platform.

Find out more about Learning Passport in this article and know how it will benefit you amid the COVID19 crisis:

What is Learning Passport Initiative?

Learning Passport is a scalable learning solution that aims to bridge the digital learning gap for millions of students. While there is no classroom interaction between the students and the teachers, during the tough endemic times, Learning Passport ensures that students get access to necessary learning resources to sit and study at home.   

Learning Passport commenced as a partnership between UNICEF, Microsoft and the University of Cambridge initially. The focus of this initiative was to provide education for the displaced and refugee children through a digital remote learning platform. 

It took around 18 months for the development of this resource which is now made available globally for all the students under the lockdown. School curriculum is taught online and it is easy to access the content from home. 

Why Learning Passport matters?

As per the data shared by UNICEF, 1.57 billion students have been affected in 190 countries due to school closures. And learning is a continuous process which has to be made available in easy, understandable manner to the students while they are at home.

The school modal where learning happens in the group isn’t possible anymore, therefore, taking learning in isolation to next level and making sure that the students don’t face anxiety and stress due to self-learning, Learning Passport has been developed where teachers and students can interact face-to-face.

Learning Platform will not only focus on the students but also on the teachers to provide them the necessary aids to teach the students. Taking cue from this initiative, many institutes have rolled out their online curriculum through Learning Passport. 

In addition, online content includes online books, videos and additional support for parents of children with learning disabilities.

Learning Platform is a 360 degree digital learning platform adapted to ensure that no student is left behind from the process of learning.

How to be a part of Learning Passport?

Aspirants, i.e. children and young people can access the education online through a country-specific platform released by UNICEF and Microsoft, via your country's UNICEF Learning Passport page.

Other Initiatives

Apart from ‘Learning Passport’ UNICEF has also collaborated with Formula E motor racing series. This initiative aims to keep children safe, healthy and learning during the testing times when learning has become challenging for the students.

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