WBJEE 2015 Solved Chemistry Question Paper – Part 5

Find WBJEE Solved Chemistry Question Paper for the year 2015. This solved paper will help students in their final level of preparation for WBJEE Exam.

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Find WBJEE 2015 Solved Chemistry Question Paper – Part 5 in this article. This paper consists of 5 questions (#61 to #65) from WBJEE 2015 Chemistry paper. Detailed solution of these questions has been provided so that students can match their solutions.

Importance of Previous Years’ Paper:

Previous years’ question papers help aspirants in understanding exam pattern, question format, important topics and assessing preparation. It has also been seen that sometimes questions are repeated in WBJEE Exam. So, this paper will certainly boost your confidence.

About WBJEE Exam

WBJEE is a common entrance examinations held at state level for admission to the Undergraduate Level Engineering and Medical courses in the State of West Bengal. The Chemistry section of WBJEE 2015 engineering entrance exam consists of 40 questions.


WBJEE 2015, WBJEE Chemistry

Ans: (C)


This is an intramolecular Cannizzaro’s reaction.

WBJEE 2015, Chemistry

So, the correct option is C.

62. Suppose the mass of a single Ag atom is ‘m’. Ag metal crystallizes in fcc lattice with unit cell of length ‘a’. The density of Ag metal in terms of ‘a’ and ‘m’ is

WBJEE 2015, Chemistry

Ans: (A)


We know that in FCC lattice the coordination number is 12 and it contains 4 atoms per unit cell.

Mass of one atom = m

Mass of unit cell = 4m

Volume of unit cell = a3

So, the density of unit cell is given as:

WBJEE 2015, Chemistry

WBJEE 2015, Chemistry

(A) 10 atm–1

(B) 10 atm

(C) 10

(D) 1

Ans : (A)


The chemical reaction is given as:

WBJEE 2015, Chemistry

WBJEE 2016 Solved Physics and Chemistry Question Paper

64. At a particular temperature the ratio of equivalent conductance to specific conductance of a 0.01 (N) NaCl solution is

(A) 105 cm3

(B) 103 cm3

(C) 10 cm3

(D) 105 cm2

Ans : (A)


WBJEE 2015, Chemistry

65. The units of surface tension and viscosity of liquids are respectively

(A) kg m–1s–1, N m–1

(B) kg s–2, kg m–1 s–1

(C) N m–1, kg m–1s–2

(D) kg s–1, kg m–2 s–1

Ans : (B)


The mathematical formula of surface tension can be written as:

WBJEE 2015, Chemistry

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