Why do the frogs lay eggs in water?

This article will let you get aware of the reason hidden behind the frogs laying eggs in water.

Created On: Dec 14, 2015 16:00 IST

Q. Why do the frogs lay eggs in water?

Ans. A frog’s eggs do not do not have a hard protective shell like in case of birds and reptiles. Instead, the frog’s eggs are covered with a glycoprotein, which helps to keep the eggs moist. But this glycoprotein needs to be kept in contact with a source of moisture, such as water. Therefore, frog lays its eggs in water to prevent them from getting dried up. Another reason behind frogs to lay their eggs in water is that the young tadpoles that come out after hatching have gills as the only breathing organ that requires them to swim under water to breathe.  Otherwise a tadpole hatched on land will die due to its inability to breathe in air.

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