Why do we fail in job interviews: failures & mistakes to avoid

In a job interview, you must avoid certain things to increase your possibility to qualify. In this article you will get the 7 important things you must avoid while giving a face-to-face interview.

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The ocean of knowledge is fathomless; the more you dive into its depth, the more you extract from it to expand the horizon of your knowledge. However, there are some phases of life where your knowledge is gauged by a yardstick, and that is done through examinations and interviews you face in your educational and professional career. Especially, interview is such a crucial stage in the pursuit of your career, where your entire personality is scanned thoroughly besides having the evaluation of what you have learned so far. In other words, an interview is a gateway through which you may enter to sit on the seat you have been aspiring for. So while appearing for an interview you need to be cautious not only of what you may be asked there but you will also have to improve your body language. You have to be meticulous about the sentences you are using in answers which should neither be irrelevant nor out of context. You should avoid the way of speaking and behaviour that give a negative impression to the interviewer or employer. Of course, what you need to maintain is your confidence and clarity.

In a face-to-face interview, you must adopt and avoid certain things to enhance your possibility to qualify. Here are 7 noteworthy things that you must avoid while giving a face-to-face interview:

1.Never be late

never be late in interview

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If you are late, you are translating your passivity, giving an instant bad impression of yourself. It may reflect poorly upon you and suggest the interviewer that you are not reliable and may continue to be a late comer for work in future. So you must avoid being late, allowing sufficient time to reach the place of your interview in time.

2.Inadequate Preparation

Inadequate Preparation

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It matters the most how well you are prepared. If you haven’t prepared yourself adequately in accordance with the requirements, you will perform poorly in the interview. It also gives such impression to the interviewer as if you are not bothered about whether you get the job or not. So it’s better you prepare yourself to know about the interview subject and also about the company you are going to join. Therefore, you must avoid inadequate preparation.

3.Awkward body language

Awkward body language

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Your interviewer will definitely be more experienced and have a meticulous eye on everything that pertains to your overall personality. While interviewing you, he will also have his gaze on how you are speaking besides the movement of your limbs, face expression and confidence in delivering words. So he can read well your body language. Most employers prefer to select well-mannered confident candidates. Maintain good eye contact, sit straight and talk with a smile without getting nervous on any question.

4.Avoid keeping mum

Avoid keeping mum

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While interviewing, your employer or interviewer would also like to see your enthusiasm for being a part of their company. So you must avoid keeping yourself mum throughout the interview. Rather, you must raise some relevant questions about the company you are going to join. It will give him such impression that you are not interested in joining their company.

5.Badmouthing former employers

Badmouthing former employers

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Despite the bitter fact that your former employers were callous or not good to you or to their other employees, avoid criticising or telling anything bad about them. Telling such things reveals you as undiplomatic and indiscreet while being interviewed. Moreover, your employer will also feel that as you are criticising your former employers, tomorrow you may do so to them also.

6.Giving ambiguous answers

Giving ambiguous answers

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It generally happens as when you find yourself under pressure, you give poor and ambiguous answers to your interviewer. You may talk too fast, mumble, or ramble on the topic or you may be very unclear in what you want to convey. Therefore, you need to be very clear and concise in your answers avoiding any ambiguity therein. It’s better if you pause for a breath before answering to concentrate on what you want to say.

7.Excess twisting

Excess twisting

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Honing your skills and gaining experience to a certain extent is acceptable. Absolute lies may not impress your employers/interviewers as much as it may irritate them if you try to twist or spin while answering them. They are expert people and they will instantly come to know that you are trying to beguile them. So, be very clear and true to your words and answer exactly what you know, because all employers want to hire such employees who are found to be honest and trustworthy besides being hard working.

If you avoid the above 7 didactic things and keep yourself adhered to the given Dos & Dont’s, it will definitely broaden your chances of qualifying the interviews with much ease and peace. These tips will also brush aside all the hassles and worries with regards to your confidence and body language. If you feel that we have missed out on any other important interview tips and tricks, please do let us know in the comments below.

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