Why to do an MBA - Top 3 Reasons to choose MBA as a career

Is an MBA degree a sure-shot path to success? Jagranjosh presents top 3 reasons for the potential aspirants as an initiative to answer all your queries and apprehensions regarding MBA degree and its scope. Know why to do an MBA and become a winner!

Why to do an MBA - Top 3 Reasons to choose MBA as a career
Why to do an MBA - Top 3 Reasons to choose MBA as a career

Choosing a career is indeed a tough job. A right career which suits your personality and makes you feel happy and contended is hard to find (because since childhood, you have been taught to become what you often don’t want to be). This is one of the most tedious tasks as there is no guarantee of becoming successful in the field that you choose. However, Masters in Business Administration (MBA) is considered key to all the complicated locks which in another words guarantee you a successful career. Irrespective of the domain in which you have completed your graduation, MBA is one course which has several specialisation courses to support your graduation degree to build a foundation of managerial career.

As an aspiring student you must have crafted a dreamt of leading a successful life. A life that lends you with all the luxuries which are beyond your reach at present. Here we would give you a snapshot of those perks which an MBA degree can lend you without a doubt.

All your dreams are not futile if you are determined to work indefatigably towards them. All you need to do is just ace a test (MBA entrance) and bear the sweet fruits of choosing managerial career. MBA is sure-shot right career track for you, given that you follow a systematic path to become the front runner in life.

A recent survey by GMAC has highlighted 3 major reasons regarding why people prefer doing MBA over and above other professional degrees. These 3 key reasons are:

The Survey brought out interesting findings that people are interested in pursuing MBA due to three key reasons:

1. Career Enhancement

As per this survey, 34% people pursue MBA degree because they seek career enhancement. The term career enhancement can be understood as they desire to achieve promotion, status, technical expertise in the existing status quo of a person.

What does an MBA give you?

i. A more refined KSA (Knowledge, Skills, and Ability) subset

ii. An opportunity to accelerate career growth

iii. A chance to develop managerial skills

iv. A path to improve job efficiency and effectiveness

v. A growth platform to develop technical skills

vi. A fortune to gain international exposure

Considering these benefits, job professionals are increasingly becoming interested in shaping their career with an MBA degree. This degree is a gateway to those dreams which do not restrict a person from climbing corporate ladder.

2. Career Switching

Adding to it, for 38% people, career switching is the sole motivator that drives them to pursue MBA degree. The term Career Switching implies that those aspirants who seek newer and better opportunities in some other industry. Management education can provide them an overview to understand which Industry and vertical best suits their personality and interest area.

Changing career path is another latent yet adventurous expedition which people want to experience. It might arise due to following reasons:

i. Monotony in the existing job profile

ii. Job-profile and personality misfit

iii. Lack of vision in achieving the targeted goals

iv. Lack of growth in the industry/ area of expertise

All these reasons can propel a parson to pursue a course that can impart professional degree and a focused specialization. These days MBA is gaining momentum in the market because of the range of niche in its basket for its potential pursuant(s). 

3. Gaining Entrepreneurial Skills

Further, 28% people prefer MBA degree because they aspire to become an entrepreneur. A professional degree in management education can impart the required skills to them which will be beneficial in their growth. Alongside, the MBA degree would polish their decision making skills too.

There goes a very well-known Chinese proverb on spirit of entrepreneurship

Going by this proverb, MBA offers the golden opportunity to engineer your future. A future which “if sown now, can reap rewarding fruits” sooner or later.

There are other miscellaneous reasons as to why you should not miss a prospect to seek an MBA degree. These reasons can be summarized as depicted in the graph given below:

The above graph is a Prospective Student Survey conducted by GMAC in 2015. Benefits of getting an MBA degree have been highlighted in this graph elucidating as to why people prefer this degree in modern times.

The most interesting fact about this survey was; all three generations i.e. Millennial (i.e. respondents born between 1981 and 1998), Gen X (i.e. respondents born between 1965 and 1980), and Baby Boomers (i.e. respondents born between 1948 and 1964) were considered as target participants.

The reason for considering this target audience has been highlighted below:

Source: GMAC survey (2015)

The MBA graduates at present are hailing from Millennial(s) generation. Further, people from Gen X and Baby boomers are also observed to pursue MBA Degree. Hence, their motivation to pursue should also be respected. But, maximum candidates who are interested in pursuing MBA hail from millennial segment.

The primary objective of this article is to make you aware about the primary motive which motivates budding graduates and working professionals to pursue MBA degree. If you are a potential MBA aspirant facing ambiguity to pursue MBA, then the above reasons would de-clutter myriad thoughts hovering in your head.

Share with us your reason to pursue an MBA degree. Also, share this article with your friends who are in a state of confusion regarding MBA as a career move. Help yourself and your friends to do pursue a happy and successful MBA journey.

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