Working in RBI is not just another job: Here’s why?

RBI grade B exam gives you an opportunity to work with central bank of India. Know the job profile and career prospects of the job here.

RBI Grade B Officer: Job Profile and Career Development
RBI Grade B Officer: Job Profile and Career Development

RBI conducts examinations for recruitment of grade B officers every year. This year the exam is expected to be held in the month of June. The examination consists of written exam in two stages i.e. phase I and phase II followed by personal interview. Successful candidates in written examination are called for personal interview. The whole process is very tough given the number of total applicants and the number of seats available for grabs. Yes, the number of candidates is in lakhs but the number of vacancies reducing every year. So, it is clear that you have to give your best to secure a place in the apex bank of the country. In this article, we shall try to answer your queries regarding the job profile of the post so that you can take an informed decision before giving your 100 percent to the job.

RBI Grade B: A job you are looking for

RBI grade B is one of the most prestigious jobs in the banking sector of the country due to the importance and significance attached to it. You become a central banker once you are through in this exam. That is something and the various reasons for that are as follows:

  • You are a central banker: This is the most important fact regarding this job since you are way ahead of your peers in the financial world. You are part of the organization that makes rules and the whole banking industry of the country follows them by heart. What else can you ask for as your decisions make such a big impact in such an important sector of the country?
  • Decent Salary and perks: You can name anything and RBI provides you with that. Starting from an initial salary of around 66000/- to perks such as festival allowance, grade allowance, book grant, transport allowance, briefcase grant, loans at concessional rates etc. The overall CTC of this job touches around Rs 15 lakh per annum if you take all the perquisites into account.
  • You are posted only in metro cities: That is because RBI has offices only in state capitals and metro cities of the country. You get accommodation in posh areas of a city in quarters maintained by RBI and decorated very well also. If you are fan of metro lifestyle, RBI is the best and most suited job for you.
  • Very less work stress: This starts from the fact that RBI follows a five day week i.e. all the Saturdays and Sundays are off unlike other commercial banks where you get off only on second and fourth Saturdays whereas you have to work full time on other Saturdays of the month. In RBI, you do not need to worry about work much since there is very less work related stress in the organization.
  • Career growth: If you are a person who wants to get degree even after joining a job, RBI is the job for you. You can take study leave and go for courses even sponsored by the bank. Once you complete such a course, you are likely to be considered for higher role within the organization. It is also worth mention that you may get deputation in organizations such as World Bank, IMF, World Economic Forum anytime in your career depending on your knowledge and performance.

Is there anything to complain in this job?

On the outset, it seems like this job is without any negative aspect because of the facilities and advantages mentioned already in the article. But, this is not the case since some cons are also there of this job as follows:

  • Bureaucracy is too much: Well, this is not something unusual since RBI is also a government organization but it is expected that RBI takes care of any job to be done instead of the way it is done. However, that is not the case as RBI is about too much bureaucracy and things move here at snail’s pace.
  • Promotional avenues are not so great: At RBI, you are not going to get good promotional aspects as you can get in other commercial banks. Though you are eligible for promotion after three or five years, due to very less number of seats, it become virtually impossible to get promoted in your first or second attempt.
  • Complacency is a major factor: This is one aspect that the employees need to take care of since everybody becomes very laid back and casual. The reason is that there is no room for high performers getting extra credit and laggards being penalized.

Despite various drawbacks, RBI grade B is one of the most prestigious and sought after jobs in the banking sector in India. Candidates go for it simply because you get ample time to study for higher goals such as UPSC while earning a handsome salary from a respectable job. So, folks, this is your opportunity to make it happen at the big stage and realize your dream.

All the best!!

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Working in RBI is not just another job: Here’s why?

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