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13 unknown facts about North Korea

30-OCT-2017 16:47

    Many times we hear that people talk about being unhappy with their country’s system and want to move another country. Although there are some countries in the world where life is not really easy. One of these countries is North Korea. In this article, we are going to tell you some things about North Korea that will not only surprise you, but you will feel that India is the best country in the world in terms of living.

    13 unknown facts about North Korea

    1. seven days working in a week

    working day north korea
    Image source: Daily Mail
    Where in most countries of the world people have to work "5 days" or "6 days" in a week, while in North Korea, people have to work seven days in a week. These people work 6 days a week in their offices but on the 7th day they also have to do one day's "Volunteer" work, thus their number of working day goes up to 7.

    2. Kim Jong II recognized as God

    Kim Jong II
    Image source: www.history.com
    During his reign, Kim Jong II published his biography in which there were unique facts about his life. It has been claimed in the book that he was born under the "two rainbow" and a new star was born in the sky by his birth. He wanted people recognized him as God; he used to claim that he has the ability to control the weather.
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    3. Presently, in North Korea year 106 is running

    You will be surprised to know that the year 2017 is not running to North Korea at this time. In North Korea, the Jouš calendar is followed, which started in 1997. In North Korea counting of years begin from the birth of "Kim II Sung". Therefore at this time in North Korea year 106 is running.

    4. Government-controlled radio in every house

    north korea house
    Image source: NK News

    In every North Korean house, government controlled radio is installed and citizens are not allowed to close it. Apart from this, public speakers have been installed on most of the roads so that propaganda can start anytime and citizens need to follow it.

    5. The provision of death sentence for most crimes

    prisoners in north korea
    Image source: CNN.com
    There is no provision of forgiveness for most crimes in North Korea, but there is a provision of death sentence. If a person has a Bible or a person is caught watching a South Korean porn movie then he is sentenced to death. Currently, around 2.5 lakh North Koreans are locked in jail. These jails are surrounded with electrical wires.

    6. Tourists are not allowed to bring mobile

     mobile ban in north korea
    Image source: IntoMobile
    In North Korea no person has the right to take pictures of poor, especially to tourists. The North Korean government believes that the image of the country is blurred by the capturing the photographs of the poor, by the tourists. Therefore, tourists are not allowed to bring their mobile phone in North Korea. Their mobile is seized on the airport and given only at the time of return. Apart from, tourists are not allowed to interact with local people. They are constantly under the supervision of guides and they are not allowed to go alone or scrutinize in any area.

    7. Tradition of punishing three generations

    punishment in north korea

    Image source: Wikipedia

    North Korea also enforces the law of three-generation punishment on its citizens. According to this, if a person commits crimes, then his next two generations will also be affected. As a result, in many incidents three generations spend their lives in jail.
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    8. Not allowed any celebration on 8th July and 17th July

    In North Korea, there is no permission to celebrate any kind of celebration on 8th July and 17th July, even a person cannot celebrate his birthday. The reason is that Kim Sung II and Kim Jong II had died on 8th July and 17th July respectively.

    9. Recognition of only 3 TV Channels

    In North Korea, only 3 channels have been allowed on TV. Apart from this there is no internet service in the country. Only VIP people have the privilege of running the Internet, for which the country has its own operational system, whose name is Red Star. Apart from this, newspapers and magazines are praised only for North Korea.

    10. Citizens are not allowed to buy cars and wear jeans

    cars in north korea
    Image source: The Truth About Cars

    In North Korea, citizens are not allowed to buy cars. However, government officials and soldiers are excluded from this ban. Also, in North Korea wearing jeans is not allowed.

    11. Newspapers and magazines are praised only for North Korea

    North Korean people are completely cut off from the world. Newspapers, magazines and news channels do not cover any news of the outside world. They just work to glorify North Korea. Citizens are living in lies.

    12. Cruelty of Kim Jong-Un

    kim jong un and uncle
    Image source: CNN.com

    The current ruler of North Korea, Kim Johg-Un, is famous for his cruelty. He put his uncle in front of 120 hungry dogs in the prison, which led to his death. Male citizens of North Korea are forced to keep hairstyles like Kim Jong.

    13. Only one candidate in the election

    kim jong un
    Image source: Time
    In North Korea elections are held every 5 years but only one candidate is in the election. In the last few elections, the only candidate is Kim Jong-Un. Besides, North Korea is the only country with the name of Necrocracy, which means that this country still works under a dead ruler.
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