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Asia: Fact at a glance

27-JAN-2016 17:26

    Asia is the largest continent in the world extending over nearly one-third of the land surface of the Earth. It has both the highest and the lowest points on the surface of Earth, has the longest coastline of any continent, is subject overall to the world’s widest climatic extremes, and, consequently, produces the most varied forms of vegetation and animal life on Earth.


    Geographically, the continent makes up 8.7% of the Earth's total surface area, and 29.5% of its land area.

    • In the west, Asia is bordered by Europe, the eastern coastline of the Mediterranean Sea, as well by the Sea of Marmara, the Bosporus Strait, the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea.
    • In the east, Asia is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, and an almost endless stretch of bays and seas.
    • The Arctic Ocean and a handful of seas front the northern border, while the Bering Sea separates Asia from North America.
    • In the southwest the Red Sea and isthmus of Suez separate the continent from Africa.
    • The Indian Ocean fronts most of Asia's southern borders, along with a series of bays, gulfs and seas, as well as extensive chains of both inhabited and uninhabited islands.

    Instant Fact

    Country with Most Land Borders      



    Major island                                          

    Sri Lanka

    Highest Plateau                                   

    China's Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, average height of 4500 m, 2.3  million km2

    (Sichuan, Qinghai - China)

    Largest Delta                                       

    Sunderban Delta (The Ganges and Brahmaputra rivers in Bangladesh and India, covers an area of 75,000 km2)

    Deepest Lake                                        

    Russia's Lake Baikal, north of the Mongolian border, 1637 m. Surface 31 ,500 km2

    Major Lake                                           

    Urmia in Iran 5200 km2

    Highest Lake                                        

    Lhagba Pool 6368 m (Himalaya - Tibet- China)

    Main Language Families                     

    Sino-Tibetan, Vietnamese, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu (India and Pakistan), Kymer (Cambodian), Laotian, Tai-Kadai     (Thailand), Burmese, Malay (Indonesia and Malaysia) and Pilipino (Tagalog) for the Phillipines, and Turkic languages, Russian.

    Main Religions                                     

    Confucianism and Neo-Confucianism, Buddhism, Daoism (Taoism), Shamanism, Animism, Hinduism, Sikhism, Muslim.                      

    Birthplace of religions                     

    The Middle East is the birthplace and spiritual centre of Zoroastrism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.

    Largest Urban Areas                

    • Tokyo - Japan
    • Guangehon-China
    • Shanghai, China
    • Karachi-Pakistan
    • Jatarta-Indonesia
    • Seoul, South Korea(incl. Bucheon/Goyang, Incheon/Seongnam/Suweon);
    • Delhi,India(incl.  Faridabad/Ghaziabad)
    • Mumbai(Bombay)India(incl. Kalyan/Thane/Ulhasnagar)     

    Largest Agglomeration              

    Toyko, Japan


    Highest City                               

    Venquan, near Jinghai and Tibet


    Major River                                

    Yangzi 5470 km2 (other important: Brahmaputra, Ganga, Yenisei, Amur, Hwang-Ho and Mekon)

    Largest Waterfall                       

    Chutes de Khone (Khone Falls), Mekong River in Laos. Height 70 m

     and 12.122 m3 per second

    Main Dam                                  

    The Three Gorges Dam (Sandouping, China) 185 m high, 2309 m long. 2 million people resettled; power production 85 billion kilowatt hours per year.  

    Highest Dam                            

    Rogun in Tajikistan 335 m

    Longest and Earliest Man-Made Canal Beijing

    Hangzhou Grand Canal. First built in the 5th century BC and was extended twice during the Sui and Yuan dynasties. Length 1794 km, drainage area of 4583 m2, 24 locks, some 60 bridges.

    Largest Desert

    Gobi in Mongolia and North-Eastern

    China, 13,00,000 km2

    Greatest Land

    Mountain Range


    The Himalayas, which contains 96 of the world's 109 peaks of over 7315 m. (Other important mountain ranges: Kunlun, Tien Shan, Altai and Tibetan Plateau).

    Longest Man-Made Architecture     

    Chang Cheng, the Great Wall in China (Total length-more than 6700 km)

    Highest Railway

    Qinghai-Tibet Express

    Highest railway station

    Tangulla, 5068 m (Tibet- China)

    Longest Railway line

    Trans-Siberian Express, from Moscow through the Ural Mountains and across all of Asia to Vladivostok on the Sea of Japan. It covers a distance of 9288 km. The journey from Moscow to Vladivostok takes about 8 days 4 hrs and 25 minutes.

    There are 97 stops on the rail route. It crosses seven time zones.

    Largest Waiting Room

    Beijing Station, Chang'an Boulevard, Beijing, with a capacity of 14,000.

    Highest Road

    Roda Tibet-Sinkiang 6532 m (China)

    Highest Building

    Burj Khalifa (Dubai) 828 m tall since


    Highest Point

    Mt Everest, 8848 m, Nepal

    Lowest point

    Dead Sea, Israel/Jordan, at 418 m below sea level.

    Image Courtesy: www.upload.wikimedia.org

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