Autistic Pride Day 2019: Current Event and Significance

Autistic Pride Day is an event observed in the whole world every year on 18 June to represent diversity and infinite possibilities. This is a day to promote awareness, acceptance and autonomy. Do you know what is autism and why is Autistic Pride Day observed? Let us find out!
Jun 18, 2019 10:36 IST
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Autistic Pride Day 2019: Current Event and Facts
Autistic Pride Day 2019: Current Event and Facts

Autistic Pride Day is a day to spread message that people suffering from autism are not diseased but different. It acknowledge that autistic people are not sick but have a unique set of characteristics. On this day people living with the autism disease speak for themselves and celebrate in a unique way that autism affects each of them. After inspired by LGBT pride events, the first Autistic Pride Day was celebrated in 2005 by the online community Aspies for Freedom (AFF). Now it is observed in the whole world. Every year several events are organised around the world, connect one another and demonstrate to allistic people that people with autism are unique and should not be seen as cases for treatment.

Note: This day is an autistic community event. It is originated and is still led by autistic people themselves. This day is not for other charities or organisations.
The symbol of this day is represented by rainbow infinity which represents "diversity with infinite variations and infinite possibilities". The symbol represents the diversity of autistic people and the infinite possibilities and variations within the autistic community.

What is Autism?

- Autism is a neurological developmental disability that affect the development of normal brain, hampers communication, social interaction, cognition and behaviour.

Autism is also known as spectrum disorder because its symptoms and characteristics appear in a variety of combinations that affect children in various ways.

- Some children need help to complete their tasks but some can manage their tasks independently.

What is Alzheimer's disease?

- Let us tell you that earlier autistic disorder, pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified and asperger syndrome was diagnosed separately but now, all these conditions are clubbed together and are called as autism spectrum syndrome.

- Autism or Autism spectrum syndrome disorder (ASD) become visible during the first 3 years of a person's life.

- It affects the normal functioning of brain and because of this development of a person's communication and social interaction skills are affected.

- A person suffering from autism sticks to a set of a behavioural trait and resists any change in their daily activities.

- Even in everyday activities they face problems. A mass of people, events and places confuses and causes considerable anxiety in them.

Can Autism be prevented?

Actually, doctors don't know the cause of autism, but according to them genes can play the biggest role that whether a child is born with it. In some rare cases, a baby can be born with some birth defects, if a mother is exposed to certain chemicals while she was pregnant. But doctor's not able to find during pregnancy that baby will have autism or not. So, autism can't be prevented. You can't prevent having a child with an autistic disorder but by following healthy lifestyle possibility of having healthy baby increases.

Key facts about Autism

- It is diagnosed four times more often in boys as compared to girls.

- The third most common developmental disability is the autism.

- According to "Action for Autism" studies the prevalence rate is 1.7 million that is estimated rate of 1 in 250 children.

- Approx 40 percent of children suffering from autism do not speak.

- This disease varies from person to person and no two people with autism are alike.

- It is seen that the rate of autism has steadily grown over the last 20 years.

- A person suffering from autism include allergies, asthma, fragile X, epilepsy, bowel disease, digestive disorders, persistent viral infections, feeding disorders, anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, sensory integration dysfunction, sleeping disorder, immune disorder etc.

Therefore, we can say that Autism is a complex neurobehavioural condition due to which patient face problem in social interaction, communication and repetitive behaviours. Due to the range of symptoms, this condition is known as autism spectrum disorder (ASD). And Autistic Pride Day provides a chance for the person suffering from autism to speak for himself. Also, we can say that autism is a difference rather than disability.

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