Careless Henry Lost His Pencil Again! Can You Find It Among These Books In 7 Seconds?

Finding the hidden pencil inside the bundle of books is hard. Can you spot the hidden pencil in this image in just 7 seconds?
Find the hidden pencil
Find the hidden pencil

Optical Illusion: Henry is a careless brat who never puts his things in his place.


He never trims his nails, packs his bags, or finishes his meals. He makes paper planes out of his textbooks, fights with his sister, and pulls her pigtails.


What an ill-mannered brat he is!


But today is his math exam. He never enjoyed any subject, and math is no exception. He hated numbers and found them to be illogical.


Today, just after 7 seconds, his math exam will commence.


Did he study well last night? No! 

Did he pack his bag last night? No! Is he having his geometry and stationery?

Well, yes! His mother kept all the stationery in his bag. 


But wait, where is his pencil?


Oh, it’s somewhere inside this huge pile of books on his school desk. No matter how irritating the lad is, we can never undermine the importance of math exams and the frowns on teachers. Can you help Henry find the hidden pencil in just 7 seconds?


Well, our readers are very smart! We know you can!


Help Henry Find The Hidden Pencil In Just 7 Seconds!


The rules are pretty simple and straightforward. 


Setting The Time

Time waits for none, and when you have your math exam in just a few seconds, it simply slips by like sand. Henry has only 7 seconds left for his exam to begin and his pencil is missing. He is a bundle of nerves right now and only you can help[ him out.



Set a timer for 7 seconds on your phone. Remember, you do not have any more time.



Getting Started

Start the timer on your phone and look closely at the picture for the pencil.



Image Source: Planetworm Riddles and Tests (YouTube)




Could you find it?



Or shall we ask him to borrow one from his friends?



Here Is The Hidden Pencil!


Image Source: Planetworm Riddles and Tests (YouTube)



The tiny, green pencil is hiding here. 



Hey Henry, couldn’t you bring an extra pencil for your exam? Or were you busy playing video games one day before your math test? 



Now rush to your classroom and give your best. You better not lose the pencil again. Sharpen it well and don’t forget that 5, 10, 15, and 20 are multiples of 5 and 2 added to 4 is 6!


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