Do you know that our moon is made up of 20 smaller moonlets?

As, compared to other planets of the solar system, the moon is the only planet that glaze. Origin of the moon is always full of mysteries. Scientists from several years are constantly trying to find out the secrets, and in order to it the current Israeli scientists have claimed that the origin of the moon is due to the merging of 20 smaller moonlets. In this article we will see some facts related to it.

In comparison to other planets of the Solar system, our planet has only one moon. As we know that the Saturn has 62 moons, the Jupiter has 67 moons and even the Mars has two moons, namely Fobos & Demos. It is quite strange to know that the Earth has only one moon. The new research has revealed that the Earth had many moons but at present due to an accident we are left with only one moon.

Distance from earth to moon

The origin of moon has always been enigmatic. Since long, scientists have been trying to find secrets associated with it and in the same context, scientists from Israel have claimed that the existing moon has originated from the merger of 20 smaller moonlets. It is believed that billions of years ago, when our Earth came into existence, at that time few smaller planets were collided with Earth. At that time, the elements released from the Earth gave rise to the smaller moonlets. They remained associated with each other for centuries which gave rise to the present moon; moreover, scientists have raised questions over the theory of the Giant- Impact Hypothesis in their recently released report.

Now let us see what Giant - Impact Hypothesis really is?

Giant - Impact Hypothesis was given in 1975 and this theory has been considered as the present scientific theory for the moon creation. According to it, around 4.31 billion years ago, a Mars-sized planet named Theia collided with Earth. Due to this collision, dust particles and rocky elements were released from Theia and scattered into the orbit of Earth and for many years, these elements revolved in the same orbit and subsequently, they merged with each other to form moon.

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After knowing about the Giant - Impact Hypothesis, now the question arises that why does the claim made by Israel Institute of Technology and Weizmann Institute of Science differ from that of Giant - Impact Hypothesis?

According to the theory, the moon is created by the elements released from Theia. But scientists believe that the surface of the moon has many elements similar to Earth, so the theory is wrong. Because, if moon is created by the elements released from Theia, then how come the elements discovered from moon under Apollo mission are similar to that of the Earth. For further confirmation, scientists are working on samples collected from the moon.

Now let us see what the recent research depicts about the origination of the moon:

origination of the moon


The fact is that no matter how the moon was created, it is indeed an unusual event. Among all the moons of the solar system the perpetuation effect of our planet’s moon is unique.

In the end, some interesting facts about moon:

- The moon is responsible for the high tide and low tide movements in the oceans of Earth.

- Moon is only 27% of the size of Earth.

- If the moon disappears then the day on Earth will remain only of 6 hours.

- The weight of moon is 81 Billion tons.

- When all the Apollo spacecraft returned from the moon, they had brought total 296 pieces of rocks of weight 382 kg.

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