Gaganyaan by ISRO: Latest Updates You Should Know

Check the latest developments of Gaganyaan, the spacecraft from India that would put Indian astronauts into space. Take a look at the details and recent tests conducted by ISRO below.

Recently Dr Somnath has taken over as the new chairperson of ISRO and he wishes to create a space enterprise for the country. ISRO conducted a cryogenic engine test of Gaganyan successfully recently. The test was carried out for 70 seconds at the propulsion complex in Mahendragiri, Tamil Nadu. 

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has recently tested the engines of its spacecraft Gaganyaan. This spacecraft would be sending Indian astronauts to space and is still a work in progress. 

Read the article below to know all about the spacecraft that means Sky Craft in Sanskrit, Gaganyaan below. 

Gaganyaan: Details

  1. Gaganyaan is a hugely complex mission that is expected to send the Indian astronauts to space soon. 
  2. ISRO recently tested its propulsion system and announced the successful testing of the same. 
  3. This cluster of engines would help the Indian astronauts to remain in their orbit for a longer period safely. 
  4. The launching of this satellite would be exponentially more sophisticated than that of normal man-less satellites. 
  5. The payload however would sit on the top of the rocket. 
  6. After the lift off the expendable rocket's task would end within 15-20 minutes and it would fall off into the sea. It would eject the satellite, placing it into orbit before dismantling itself into the sea. 
  7. The spacecraft is an independent entity once it reaches space. It travels on its own in the orbit it is placed in. 
  8. Gaganyaan integrated module consists of two parts - Crew Module and Service module. 
  9. The crew module would house astronauts and the service module would provide the propulsion to raise the orbit and later lower the orbit.
  10. The payload would stay in orbit for a designated period of time. It would witness and manage harsh conditions of zero gravity, severe temperature variations and orbital movement at extremely high speeds. 
  11. India’s Gaganyaan mission is meant to remain in orbit for up to a week

About the test: Gaganyaan

The first hot test of System Demonstration Model (SDM) of the Gaganyaan Service Module Propulsion System was performed by ISRO for 450 seconds at ISRO Propulsion Complex (IPRC), Mahendragiri, Tamil Nadu.

It met the set objectives of the test and there was a close match with the pre-test predictions as well. 

Various other tests would also be performed to simulate many conditions as well.  Take a look at the previous test conducted below. 

Gaganyaan: Other Details

Gaganyaan Service Module Propulsion System – System Demonstration Model (SDM) was the one that was tested successfully for this very purpose

The GSLV Mk3, India’s heaviest rocket would be carrying Gaganyaan to space

As per Dr K Sivan, chairman of ISRO, while speaking to a media agency, “the launch vehicle will put the 7.5 ton Gaganyaan module into 170 x 400 kms orbit (170 kms from earth and 400 kms from earth at its nearest and farthest points in orbit respectively). Thereafter, the system which we now tested will raise the Gaganyaan module to a uniform 400 kms orbit(Low earth orbit)” 

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