GK for SSC Exam: A Complete Study Material on Indian Culture & History

GK for SSC Exam on Indian Culture History is a comprehensive GK Study material that connects a series of past events connected with a particular person or things from ancient to modern history to the student who are preparing for SSC Exam. This GK for SSC Exam Study notes divided into three section, i.e. Modern History, Medieval History, and Ancient History.
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GK for SSC Complete Study Material on “Indian Culture & History” is the comprehensive collections of important topics which represent an unprecedented level of coverage of the History and will be helpful in the preparation of SSC exam. The Indian Culture & History comes under the sections of General Studies so, it is worth to have a grip on the subject and to make preparation easy we have divided this GK for SSC study material into 3 Sections i.e. Modern History, Medieval History, and Ancient History, in which you will learn about a series of past events connected with a particular person or things from ancient to modern history.

GK History for SSC Exam

1. GK for SSC Exam: Modern History

    1.1 Indian National Movement

    1.2 Non tribal, Tribal and peasant movements during British India  

    1.3 British Governors Generals during British Period in India

    1.4 British Viceroys during British India

    1.5 Various Educational Committees during British India

    1.6 Acts before 1857 during British India       

    1.7 Acts after 1857 during British India

    1.8 Leaders Associated with the Revolt of 1857

    1.9 British Officials Associated with 1857 Revolt

2. GK for SSC Exam: Medieval History

    2.1 Timeline of Delhi Sultanate

    2.2 Administrative and Agrarian Terms used in Sultanate Period

    2.3 Architectural Development during Delhi Sultanate Era

    2.4 Architectural Landmarks of the Sultanate Period

    2.5 Sufi Movement in India

    2.6 Architecture and Literature during Vijayanagara Empire

    2.7 The Great Mughal Emperors of India

3. GK for SSC Exam: Ancient History

    3.1 Summary of Indus Valley Civilization (Harappa Civilization)

    3.2 Archaeological Sites of Indus Valley Civilisation

    3.3 Vedic Literature| Sacred Hindu Scriptures

    3.4 Jain Trithankaras| Symbols and Disciple

    3.5 Buddhist Councils| Venue, Patronage and Outcome

    3.6 Rise and Growth of Magadha Empire

    3.7 Titles adopted by Gupta Kings

    3.8 Ancient Indian Scholars and their Patrons

    3.9 Ancient Historical monuments in India and their builders

In the above GK for SSC Exam Study Material is compiled in extracted from the ocean like syllabus on the basis of the previous year’s questions that will give an idea for minimum sources, maximum revision for retention and assimilation.

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