GK Questions and Answers on man-made polymers

25-AUG-2017 17:15

    Polymers are made up of various molecules join together to form long chains or in other words polymer is a useful chemical made up of repeating units. Each repeating unit is known as “-mer” or basic unit with “poly-mer” meaning many repeating units. Polymers are used in agriculture, industry, medicine, sports equipments etc. This quiz is related to the applications of polymer which may be helpful in various examination preparations.

     What are man mande polymers
    1. Which Polymer is used in making non-stick kitchen ware?
    A. Nylon
    B. Teflon
    C. Polystyrene
    D. Bakelite
    Ans. B
    2. Name the polymer used in making bullet proof glass?
    A. Melamine
    B. Bakelite
    C. Lexan
    D. Vinyl rubber
    Ans. C
    3. For pipe insulation which polymer is used?

    A. PVC
    B. Polythene
    C. Teflon
    D. None of the above
    Ans. A

    List of some common man-made Polymers and their Uses
    4. Name the polymer that can have strong intermolecular forces?

    A. Polyester
    B. Teflon
    C. Vinyl Rubber
    D. Polypropene
    Ans. A
    5. Soda bottles are made up of:

    A. Polyethylene Terephthalate
    B. Polyester
    C. Polystyrene
    D. Poly Styrene Butadiene
    Ans. A
    6. Name the synthetic polymer that resembles like natural rubber?

    A. Polypropene
    B. Neoprene
    C. Nylon
    D. Chloroprene
    Ans. B
    7. Name the thermoplastic polymer?

    A. Bakelite
    B. Melamine
    C. Polythene
    D. Teflon
    Ans. D

    What is Catalysis?
    8. Name the polymer which is used for making ropes?

    A. Polypropene
    B. Polyester
    C. Polystyrene
    D. None of the above
    Ans. B
    9. Name the condensation polymer?

    A. Butyl rubber
    B. Acrilan
    C. Orlon
    D. Bakelite
    Ans. D
    10. The repeating units or building blocks from which polymer is made up of is known as:

    A. Resins
    B. Plastics
    C. Blocks
    D. Monomers
    Ans. D

    Role of Chemistry in Human Life

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