GK Quiz on life of Mahatma Gandhi: Set 3

Gandhi ji is considered as the most amiable leader of the world. He has given the instrument of non violence to the world. Dear students, Jagran josh is presenting you a set of 10 questions based on the different events of life of Gandhi ji. Solve these questions and evaluate your knowledge about Gandhi ji.
Gandhi ji
Gandhi ji

Dear students, Jagran josh is presenting you a set of 10 questions based on the different events of life of Gandhi ji. These questions are very important for the upcoming state level exams. So attempt this quiz and enhance your knowledge about Gandhi ji.

1. Who called the 'father of the nation' to Gandhi ji?

(a) Ravindra Nath Tagore
(b) Subhash Chandra Bose
(c) Gopal Krishna Gokhale
(d) None of these
Answer. b
Explanation: Mahatma Gandhi was known as ‘the father of the nation’ but there is no legal backup for this title from the Government of India. Subhas Chandra Bose claimed Mahatma Gandhi as Rashtriyapita on a radio program in Singapore in 1944. 

2. When did Gandhiji take the vow of Brahmacharya or celibacy of life?

(a) 1911

(b) 1906

(c) 1900

(d) 1905

3. Who was the Private Secretary of Mahatma Gandhi?

(a) Mahadev Desai

(b) Pyarelalji

(c) Kishorilal Mashruwalla

(d) Sushila Nayyar

4. Who in South Africa gave Gandhiji 'Unto This Last' to read which proved to be one of the most decisive books of his life?

(a) John Holmes Haynes

(b) H S Polak

(c) Hermann Kallenbach

(d) Louis Fischer

5. To put the ideas of 'Unto This Last' into practice, Gandhiji founded the Phoenix Settlement near Durban which came into being in the middle of the year ________________.

(a) 1903

(b) 1904

(c) 1905

(d) 1906

6. Who described Gandhi's march to Dandi in the following words? "Like the historic march of Ramchandra to Lanka, the march of Gandhi will be memorable"

(a) Motilal Nehru

(b) Sarojini Naidu

(c) Jawaharlal Nehru

(d) Vallabhai Patel

7. The historic August session of the All-India Congress Committee, at which the Quit India Resolution was passed, was held at Gowali Park in __________________.

(a) Bombay

(b) Calcutta

(c) Ahmedabad

(d) Amritsar

8. Gandhiji accorded very high priority to communal harmony in his programme of actions. At which place did he undertake his last fast for it on January 13, 1948?

(a) Nasik

(b) Bombay

(c) Calcutta

(d) Delhi

9. Which of the following did Gandhiji describes as his two lungs?

(a) Ahimsa and peace

(b) Truth and Peace

(c) Ahimsa and truth

(d) Brahamcharya and Aparigriha

10. The differences with Gandhiji led Subhas Chandra Bose to resign the Presidentship of the India National Congress in 1939. Leaving the Congress he formed a new party called __________________.

(a) Indian National Party

(b) Forward Bloc

(c) Freedom Party

(d) Freedom Bloc

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