How many Countries’s currency will change after the death of this person?

British Queen Elizabeth II has been holding the post since February 6, 1952. As of now the British currency pound has the picture of Queen Elizabeth. Apart from the Britain there are 10 other countries also use the British pound as their currency. As per the British rule, after the death of queen the picture of queen will be removed from the currency. This article is publishing the name of those countries whose currency will change after the death of the queen.
British Currency
British Currency

Generally you must have seen that the currency of every country has a picture of a great person of that country. The colour, name and value of each country’s currency is different. But there is a famous personality in the world whose photo is printed on the currency of many other countries of the world.

Can you guess the name of this personality?
As we know that the photograph of Gandhiji is used on the Indian currency even after the 88 years of his death. But in some countries it is a rule that the photograph of a great person can be printed on currency until the person is alive. If that person dies then his/her photo will be removed from the currency.

Yes; we are talking about the longest serving queen of the Britain i.e. Queen Elizabeth II. As we know that Elizabeth II is ruling the Britain since February 6, 1952. She is ruling since after the death of George V.

At this juncture the age of the Queen has crossed 92 years and she is on the last journey of the life. So the Britain is doing all the required preparation before the death of the queen. The biggest change after the death of the queen will be the change in the currency of the Britain.

In Britain it is the rule that the photo of the king / queen will be printed on the country's currency till they are alive. It means that Prince Charles will be the next king after Elizabeth II's death. Hence the old currency of the Britain will be replaced by the new currency having a picture of Prince Charles on it.

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Currently the total number of currency in circulation in England is 3626 million. England has to spend around $ 200 million to reprint the full currency again. But England will not be alone that will change its currency; there will also be some other countries that have to change their currency. So the total expenditure on the reprinting of currency will be around $ 1 billion.

The countries that have to change their currency are mostly those which were either ruled by the British Empire or still part of the British Commonwealth.

But do you know that after the death of Elizabeth II, there will be changes in the currencies of many other countries, not just the UK, where the photo of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, printed on the currency. These are the country’s most of which Britain has ever ruled or are members of the British Commonwealth.

The countries that will have to change their currency are as follows;

1. Australia: The current currency of this country is Australian Dollar. Australian pound started in this country in 1910 but its value was officially different from the pound sterling. On February 14, 1966, the Australian pound was replaced by the Australian dollar. Australian dollar is Un-officially used in the Botswana, Cambodia, Gambia, New Caledonia (France) and Zimbabwe. There are some have picture of Queen Elizabeth II. So when the Queen will die, these countries will also have to change their currency.

australian currency

2. New Zealand: Currently the currency of this country is New Zealand dollar, but before 1967, the name of its currency was New Zealand Pound. Since 1967, photos of Elizabeth II are being printed on the currency notes here.

New zealand currency

3. Cyprus: Up to 31 December 2007, the name of the currency of Cyprus called Pound which is also known as "Lira". On 1 January 2008, Cyprus adopted the Euro as its currency. Currently a fixed price of a Euro is CYP 0.585274. Cyprus also uses picture of Queen on its currency.

cyprus currency

4. Fiji: The Fijian Dollar is the currency of Fiji from 1969 and it was also the currency of Fiji between 1867 and 1873. Queen Elizabeth II's photo still appears on its notes.


5. Canada: Canada's currency was Canadian pound between 1841-1858, which was converted into Canadian dollars in 1858 and continue till date. In Canada, a trader can refuse to accept note of higher denomination and it is not considered as crime whereas doing so in India is a crime.

canada currency note

6. Bahamas: Bahamas Dollar (sign: $; code: BSD) is the currency of the Bahamas since 1966. Elizabeth's photos are still used on the note of half a dollar, $ 10 and $ 100.

bahamas currency note

7. Belize: The Belize dollar is the official currency in Belize (currency code BZD). It is normally abbreviated with the dollar sign $, or alternatively BZ$. The official value is pegged at BZ$ 2 = US$ 1.

belize currency note

8. Cayman Islands: Cayman Islands Dollar (Currency Code-KYD) is the currency of the Cayman Islands. The Cayman Dollar was started in 1972 (after 10 years of separation from Jamaica). Since 1 April 1974; the exchange rate between the US dollar and  the Cayman Islands Dollar is 1 Cayman Islands Dollar = 1.2 US Dollar. It also has a photograph of the Queen Elizabeth on its currency.  

cayman island currency

9. Virgin Island: British Virgin Islands (BVI), officially "Virgin Islands", is a British overseas area in the Caribbean area. The official currency of the British Virgin Islands has been the United States dollar (US$) since 1959, the currency also used by the United States Virgin Islands.  

virgin british island currency

10. Antigua and Barbuda: The official currency of Antigua and Barbuda is East Caribbean dollars. East Caribbean Dollar is also recognized as the official currency of St. Vincent, Granadinas, Granada, Dominica and "St. Kitts and Nevis".

antigua barbuda currency

So in the above article you read that the British Queen's photo has not only been printed on British pound sterling, but other currencies also.  So if the Queen Elizabeth dies and Prince Charles becomes the next king of Britain then currency of many countries along with Britain will change.

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