ICC World Test Championship 2019: All You need to Know

The International Cricket Council has issued the schedule for the inaugural season of the ICC World Test Championship (WTC). This championship will commence from Ashes Series to be played between the England and Australia from 1 August 2019. There are 72 Test Matches will be played in 27 series by the 9 teams in the time span of 2 years.
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ICC World Test Championship is the new phenomenon of the cricket world. The ICC launched this championship to honour the longest and oldest format of cricket i.e. test cricket. This event will be as important as the the World Cups for men and women in the ODI and T20I formats.

Let’s have detailed information about The ICC World Test Championship (WTC).

Which teams will participate in this Championship?

There are top nine ranked teams will participate in this championship. There names are;

1. Australia

2. Bangladesh

3. England

4. India

5. New Zealand

6. Pakistan

7. South Africa

8. Sri Lanka

9. West Indies

How many matches will be played?

All nine teams have to play against six teams. There will be three series domestic and three foreign series. There will be at least two and maximum five matches in one test series. There are total 71 Test matches in 27 series will be played in 2 years.

How does the points system work?

Each team will play six series, with each series weightage for 120 points, distributed over the number of matches in a series.

test championship

Example, a two-match series will mean 60 points for each Test while a three-match series will give 40 points to each Test match and a 5 five match series will give 24 points for each victory. Points for a victory/tie/draw depends on the number of matched played in a series. see the table;

How will winner of the championship be declared?

There are total 71 Test matches in 27 series will be played in two years. Every game in a series will count for points as the world’s best teams go head to head.

The matches will be played just like any other bilateral series.  The final of the league will be played between the teams which tops the league table.

The top two teams at the end will compete in the ICC World Test Championship Final in the UK in June 2021 with the winner will be crowned World Test Champions.

Are all Test Matches part of the Test Championship?
No. Only the matches identified as part of the World Test Championship will be counted for the points.

If Indian team plays any test series with the Ireland, Afghanistan and Zimbabwe then the points earned during the series will not be counted in the world test championship. The reason is that these teams are out of top 9 ICC ranking.

will every country play equal test matches?

No. it is not necessary that every team play equal number of test matches.
For example, the Indian team will play 18 matches with six teams. Australia and England will play more matches than India.

England will play 22 and Australia will play 19 matches. South Africa 16, West Indies 15, New Zealand and Bangladesh will play 14-14 Test matches. Sri Lanka and Pakistan will play 13 matches each.

So it is expected that the team which plays and wins more matches will be more near to qualify for the final of the test championship.

India's schedule in the ICC World Test Championship

1. July-August 2019: 2 Tests vs West Indies (overseas tour)

2. Oct-Nov 2019: 3 Tests vs South Africa (Domestic Series)

3. November 2019: 2 Test vs Bangladesh (Domestic Series)

4. February 2020: 2 Tests vs New Zealand (overseas tour)

5. December 2020: 4 Test vs Australia (overseas tour)

6. Jan-Feb 2021: 5 Tests vs England (domestic series)

What about India and Pakistan test series?

As we know that India and Pakistan are not playing bilateral series so this trend will continue but if both the teams qualify for the final; they have to play it.

If the final match remains tie or draw , then both teams will be declared joint winners. So it is expected that the inception of the world test championship will be a great step in reviving the longest and oldest format of the cricket world that is test cricket.


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