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Important facts about Metals

23-DEC-2016 13:01

    Metals are the elements which form positive ions by losing electrons or donate electrons. Metals are also known as electropositive elements as they form positive ions on losing electrons. The most abundant metal in the earth’s crust is aluminium.


    Source: www.luckysci.com

    Do you know the physical properties of metals?

    -  Metals conduct heat and electricity.

    -  They are malleable and ductile. (Malleable means which can be beaten by hammer to form thin sheets without breaking and Ductile means which can be stretched or drawn into thin wires).

    -  They are also lustrous i.e. shiny, strong, heavy and sonorous.

    -  Metals have high melting points and boiling points except sodium and potassium.

    -  At room temperature metals are solid except mercury.

    -  Generally metals are hard except sodium and potassium.

    -  Metals have high densities except sodium and potassium.

    -  Metals are sonorous i.e. it makes sound when hit with an object.

    -  Usually metals have grey or silver colour except copper and gold.

    Examples of metals are Iron, Aluminium, Copper, Silver, Gold, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium etc.

    List of Important Metals and their Ores

    Now let us see some important facts of metals which are helpful in the preparations of exam.


    -  Iron, Copper and aluminium metals are used to make house-hold utensils and factory equipment.

    -  Chromium metal is used for electroplating iron and steel objects.

    -  Lead metal is used in making car batteries.

    Zinc phosphide is used for killing rats.

    -  Do you know that wood furniture’s are coated with zinc chloride to prevent termites?

    -   Iron is used as a catalyst in the preparation of ammonia gas by Haber’s process.

    -  Lithium is the lightest and the most reductant element.

    -  Silver chloride is used in photochromatic glass.

    -  Zirconium metal is used in making car batteries.

    -  The mercury metal is liquid which is used in making thermometers.

    -  Strange silver spoon is not used in egg food because it forms black silver sulphide.

    -  During the flow of electricity, mercury and iron produces more resistance in comparison to the other.

    -  Barium sulphate is used in X-ray of abdomen as barium metal.

    -  Pure gold is 24 carrat and copper is mixed to harden the gold.

    Fuse wire is made of lead and tin.

    -  At room temperature, Gallium metal is in liquid state.

    -  Sodium, titanium and zirconium metals are used in atomic energy (nuclear energy) and space science projects.

    -  Zinc is used for galvanizing iron to protect it from rusting.

    Co (60) is used in cancer treatment.

    Zeolite is used to remove hardness of water.

    So, we have seen how much metals are important for us. Metals are widely used in our daily life for large number of purposes. The cooking utensils, electric fans, sewing machines, cars, buses, trucks, aeroplanes, ships etc. all are made of metals and mixtures of metals are known as alloys. Also, we can say that metals are important for the National economy of every country.

    Read more about Metals: Properties and reactivity series


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