Is This Bird Really Red In Color? Rub Your Eyes And Check! This Optical Illusion Will Blow Your Mind!

Can this red-colored bird change its color automatically without the use of paints? No, right? Well, everything is possible in the world of optical illusions!
Is The Bird Really Red In Color?
Is The Bird Really Red In Color?

Gone is the time when optical illusions simply used to amaze you. Here comes another optical illusion story that will not only amaze you but will also make you doubt your own senses.


Don't believe us? Check it out yourself. 


What Is The Color Of This Bird?


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Without a doubt, red! Ask your officemates, friends, boss, or any other human around you, and anyone with clear vision and no color blindness will answer by saying that the color of this bird is red.

Many color specialists who take pride in their knowledge of hues and colors might indulge in the tussle of whether the bird is jam red, crimson red, sangria red, mahogany red, or currant red, however, all of them would agree upon the fact that the bird at least holds the hue of red, irrespective of the shade.


So by now, you must be convinced that the bird is red in color, right?



Here comes yet another surprise for you!

Let the game begin!

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The Fun Part


Now, without questions, simply stare at the teeny-tiny black dot on the bird for around 10 seconds.


While you are free to do so, you do not need to set the alarm for 10 seconds this time. Simply count back from 10 to 1 in your mind.



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Stop! Now, quickly look at any plain wall near you!

We caught you smiling! Yes, you get to see the bird on the wall. The innocent-looking bird is sitting on your nearest wall. Hey, did you notice its color this time? 

Yes! It's Blue.


The bright red colored bird automatically appears blue. No, we did not use any blue paint, nor did we use any stickers, nor did we dip the bird's image in any basic solution. 


It turns blue automatically.  If this isn't what you call magic, we don't know what's magic for you!

A Picture Can Say A Thousand Words! You Just Need To Find Them In This Optical Illusion Image

Working Of An Optical Illusion


Our brain is smart but it is blind too. Our eyes, as our sensory organs responsible for vision, allow us to see and inform our brains about the things surrounding us. Sometimes, miscommunication occurs between our brains and eyes. Sometimes, our brain is unable to understand what the eyes are trying to say.


The brain and the eyes converse is not complicated language. The messages are transferred clearly; most of the time, our brain interprets exactly what our eyes want to convey.


For instance, if there is an apple kept on the table near me, by just looking at the apple, my brain would tell me if the apple is ripe or not, how far the apple is kept from me, and how big or small the apple is. By just looking at the object with the help of our eyes, we become capable of answering such complicated questions, thanks to our minds.


However, while the brain is efficient at making pitch-perfect guesses, it sometimes commits some errors. These errors are the base of optical illusions. 



An optical illusion occurs when the interpretation of the communication between the eyes and the brain gets mixed up.


While scientists have been curious to know the exact reason behind optical illusions, the broad answer to the question is that the miscommunication between our eyes and our brain leads the latter to make a wrong judgment.

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