Jharkhand: Geography

Most of the Jharkhand region lies on Chota Nagpur upland, which is the resource of the Damodar, Koel, Kharkai, Subarnarekha and Brahmani rivers, whose higher watersheds stretch within the state.
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Jharkhand Location in India


Jharkhand is located in the eastern part of India and is enclosed by Bihar to the northern side, Chhattisgarh andUttar Pradesh to the western side, Orissa to the southern part and West Bengal to the eastern part.Jharkhand envelops a geographical area of 79.70 lakh hectare. A lot many areas of Jharkhand lie on Chota Nagpur Plateau. Many rivers pass through the Chota Nagpur plateau. They are: Damodar, Brahmani, Koel, Subarnarekha and Kharkai rivers. The higher watersheds of these rivers stretch out within the Jharkhand state. Much of the Jharkhand state is still enclosed by forest. Forests sustain the population of Elephants and tigers.


Hills and Mountain Ranges


  • Tagore Hill


The Tagore Hill is also recognized as the Morabadi Hill. The Tagore hill is located in Morabadi, Ranchi. The Tagore Hill stands like a guard on the top of a hill. The brother of Rabindranath Tagore, Jyotirindranath Tagore had made a tour at Ranchi in the year 1908. He was enamored by the appeal of the mesmerizing place.


  • Canary Hill


Canary Hill is surrounded by beautiful parks and is studded with 3 tiny lakes. Canary hill has a surveillance tower. From the hill’s top, a panoramic sight of the township can be observed. The finest place to drench in the natural beauty of Hazaribagh is from the Canary Hill which pays off for the beautiful view of the dense flora in its ambiance.


  • Parasnath Hill


Parasnath Hill is also recognized as Sri Sammed Sikharji. The Parasnath Hill is situated in Giridih district of Jharkhand. It is a chief Jain pilgrimage site and the holy place for Jains. It is believed in the Jain culture that 20 of the 24 Tirthankaras attained Moksha from this place. The height of the hill is 1,350 meters.


  • Fuldungri


Fuldungri is situated on a small hill near Ghatshila town. Fuldungri’s peak proffers a panoramic sight of the undulating hills and valleys. The gorgeous Burudih Lake is situated seventeen kilometers North of Fuldungri. It is yet another nearby attraction.


  • Trikut Hill


Trikut Hill is located ten kilometers away from Deoghar and lies on the way to Dumka in Jharkhand. Trikut hill is also called Trikutchal because there are 3 major peaks on the hill. The height of Trikut hill is 2470 feet.


  • Nandan Hill


Nandan hill is a small hill binding the township which has a well-known Nandi Temple. The Nandi hill has been brilliantly maintained by the local government. It speaks a lot about the attractiveness of the place. The Nandan hill is located in front of the well-known Shiv temple. It is also surrounded by beautiful lake tempting the tourists.


  • Ranchi Hill


The Ranchi Hill is one of the preferred sightseer attractions in Ranchi, Jharkhand. At Ranchi Hill’s pinnacle, there is a holy place dedicated to Lord Shiva. Ranchi hill magnetize tourists to have a panoramic sight of the place. At the pedestal of the hill of Ranchi there is a lake, Ranchi Lake.


Main Rivers of Jharkhand


• Sone River

Origin of Sone River: Amarkantak

Cities on the Shore of Sone River: Sidhi, Dehri, Patna


• Subarnarekha River

Origin of Subarnarekha River: Chota Nagpur Plateau

Cities on the Shore of Subarnarekha River: Chandil, Jamshedpur, Ghatshila, Gopiballavpur


•Damodar River

Origin of Damodar River: Chota Nagpur Plateau

Cities on the Shore of Damodar River: Bokaro, Asansol, Raniganj, Durgapur, Bardhaman


• South Koyal River

Origin of South Koyal River: Chota Nagpur Plateau

Cities on the Shore of South Koyal River: Manoharpur


• Ajay River

Origin of Ajay River: Munger

Cities on the Shore of Ajay River:  Churulia, Chittaranjan, Ilambazar, Jaydev Kenduli


• Phalgu River

Origin of Phalgu River: Northern Chota Nagpur Plateau

City on the Shore of Phalgu River: Gaya 


• Mayurakshi River

Origin of Mayurakshi River: Trikut hill

 City on the Shore of Mayurakshi River: Suri


Industrial Overview


Jharkhand state has 3 authorities of Industrial Area Development at present with headquarters at Ranchi, Adityapur and Bokaro. The authorities are accountable for possession of infrastructure development, land and development of facilities like drainage, parks, supply of water etc. inside their authority. It is reflected to set up an authority of Industrial Area Development for Santhal Pargana along with the headquarters situated at Dumka.


Major industrial units


• Bokaro Steel Plant, Bokaro

• Electro Steel Plant, Bokaro

• Bharat Refractories Limited, Bokaro

• Chandrapura Thermal Power Station, Bokaro

• Tenughat Hydro/Thermal Power Station, Bokaro

• Bokaro Thermal Power Station, Bokaro

• Indian Explosive Limited, Bokaro

• Jay Pee Cement, Bokaro

• Ashok Industries, Bokaro

• BMW Steel, Bokaro

• Bokaro Power Supply Co. Pvt. Ltd.,Bokaro

• Imperial Chemical Industries, Bokaro

• ONGC, Talgaria, Bokaro

• Tata Steel Plant, Jamshedpur

• Hindustan Coca Cola Beverages Pvt. Ltd., Jamshedpur

• Tata Motors, Jamshedpur

• Jindal Steel and Power Ltd, Jamshedpur

• Heavy Engineering Corporation, Ranchi

• Essar power Ltd, Chandwa

• NetSanchar.Net, Dhanbad





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