Learn In Simple English how to Make Promises

Learn In Simple English how to make promises to someone during conversations, meetings and discussions. Master the art of conversation through simple and easy English phrases.
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Making a promise means giving your word to someone that what you are saying is the truth. It can also mean that you are giving guarantee to someone that you will do what you are saying to them.

Promise words and phrases

The following words or phrases can be used while making promises to someone:

•    Promise
•    Commit
•    Swear
•    Guarantee
•    Vow
•    Undertake
•    Pledge
•    Vouchsafe
•    Give someone your word

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Let us learn through some examples that how we can make promises in real life situations using Simple English:


Here are some expressions to be used while making promises during office conversations:

Office conversation Promise

•    I commit to give work on time.
•    I promise I’ll finish the presentation today.
•    Take my words I will not let the information out.
•    I want what you promised.
•    I promise to come on time.
•    I promise if you trust me, we will finish this project on time.
•    I promise I’ll call.
•    As promised, the minister got all the roads constructed again.


Here are some expressions to be used while making promises at home during family conversations:

Family Conversation Promises

•    I promise to buy you a birthday gift of your choice.
•    You promised you would stay.
•    Promise me that you will come home straight after your dance class.
•    I promise to tell the truth.
•    I promise to take you along.
•    They both vowed to be together forever.
•    I promise to be with you all our life.
•    He promised his mother that he will get good marks this time.

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Here are some expressions to be used while making promises amongst your friends:

Friends conversation promises 

•    Surely, I will come to your birthday party.
•    I give you my word, I will write a book on your life story.
•    I promise to visit you next weekend.
•    Promise me that you will keep my secret safe.
•    Will you promise me that you won’t drink and drive?
•    I swear that I am telling you the truth.
•    My father promised an international trip this year.
•    I promise to let go of the things that are holding me back.
•    The minister pledged to make the city clean.
•    I promised God that I would never drink again.
•    I swear! I didn't tear the notebook.

So, now you know how easy it is to make promises in Simple English.

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