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Pallavas Dynasty | List of Pallavas Rulers of Kanchipuram and their contributions

08-DEC-2017 12:48

    The Pallava Dynasty was one of the South Indian ruling dynasties which gained prominence after the eclipse of the Satavahanas dynasty, whom the Pallavas served as feudatories. They were patronage of architecture, the finest example being the Shore Temple, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Mahabalipuram. They developed the Pallava script from which Grantha ultimately descended that gave rise to several other Southeast Asian scripts. Here we are giving the list of Pallavas Rulers of Kanchipuram and their contributions for general awareness.

    Pallavas Rulers

    List of Pallavas Rulers of Kanchipuram and their contributions

    Name of Pallavas Rulers of Kanchipuram

    Contribution (s)


    1. Founder of the dynasty

    2. He was the first Pallava monarch who extended his authority beyond Kanchipuram (Kanchi) in the South.

    3. A drama written by his son Mahendravarman I in which he was portrayed as a great conqueror in Mattavilasa Prahasana (drunken revelry).

    Mahendravarman I

    1. He was the son of Simhavishnu, who defeated the Kalabhras and re-established the Pallava kingdom.

    2. Tamil literature flourished under his rule, with the rise in popularity of Tevaram written by Appar and Sambandhar.

    3. He was the author of the play Mattavilasa Prahasana and another play called Bhagavadajjuka.

    4. He built five-celled cave temple at Pallavaram, the Kokarneswarar Temple, and Thirukokarnam of Pudukottai, Tamil Nadu.

    5. He was initially a patron of the Jain faith but under the influence of the Saiva saint Appar patronised the Saiva faith.

    Narasimhavarman I

    1. He was also known as Mamallan (great wrestler), and Mamallapuram (Mahabalipuram) was named after him.

    2. He shared his father Mahendravarman I's love of art and completed the work started by Mahendravarman in Mamallapuram.

    3. During his reign, the Chinese traveller Hiuen Tsang visited Kanchipuram in 640 AD.

    Mahendravarman II

    1. He was the son of Narasimhavarman I who ruled from 630-668 AD.

    2. He was succeeded by his son Paramesvaravarman I.

    Paramesvaravarman I

    1. He was an efficient and capable ruler, known for his military exploits, his love for poetry and his devotion to Siva, to whom he erected many temples.

    2. He was succeeded by his son Narasimhavarman II also called Rajasimha in 695 AD.

    Narasimhavarman II

    1. He was one of the greatest rulers of Pallavas like Mahendravarman I and Narasimhavarman I.

    2. He constructed the Shore Temple, Isvara and Mukunda Temples in Mahabalipuram, the Panamalai Temple in South Arcot, plus the Kailasanathar Temple and Vaikuntha-Perumal Temples in Kanchipuram.

    3. He was a great devotee of Shiva and constructed the Kailasanathar Temple at Kanchipuram.

    Paramesvaravarman II

    1. He ruled from 728 to 731.

    2. He was killed by the Chalukya king Vikramaditya II.

    3. He was the last ruler of the Simhavishnu line of Pallavas.

    Nandivarman II

    1. He was Pallava ruler but not come from Simhavishnu family lineage.

    2. He ruled from 720 – 796 AD.

    3. He built the Vaikuntha-Perumal Temple.

    4. He was an intellectual with aptitude in many arts like writing, poetry, music and philosophy.

    5. He is credited with augmenting temple dramatized dance worship like Kutiyattam and chakyar koothu with many plays of his own.


    1. He was the son of Nandivarman II.

    2. He ruled for 51 years.

    Nandivarman III

    1. He was the son of Dantivarman and grandson of Nandivarman II.

    2. He was a powerful monarch who tried to reverse the decline that began in the reign of his father.

    3. He had a powerful navy and maintained trade contacts with Siam and Malaya.


    1. He was the last ruler of Pallavas Dynasty.

    2. The last known use of stylistic tradition of was commissioned by him.

    3. He was killed by Aditya I (Chola Ruler) in 897 AD at the battle field.

    List of Satavahanas Rulers and their contributions

    The Pallavas were the contemporaries of Chalukyas. The Sangam literature i.e Manimekalai that attributes the origin of the first Pallava King from a liaison between the daughters of a Naga king of Manipallava named Pilli Valai (Pilivalai) with a Chola king. In the above the list of Pallavas Rulers of Kanchipuram and their contributions will enhance the general knowledge of the readers.

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