List of places on Earth where the Sun never sets- Strange Facts

There are many strange places on the planet Earth with strangest of happenings. Jagran Josh brings you such different places in this article which covers cities and countries of no sunsets. Take a look at the pictures along with each place below.
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Places where the Sun never sets
Places where the Sun never sets

You have 24 hours a day based on the geographical notion that the Sun rises in the morning and sets in the evening, dividing the day into 12 hours each. This is as the Earth rotates on its axis around the sun, due to its spherical nature, the only one side of it can face the Sun at one time. 

But did you know there were even such places that have never actually witnessed a sunset? These places are known by many names like land of the midnight sun, lands where the sun never sets, no sunset lands etc. Here's a list of 10 such places on Earth where people living there have never seen the sun set. 

List of Places where the Sun never sets:


This place is called the Land of the Midnight Sun. So its only fair to mention its name first. Norway is an entire country that sees no sunsets as it is situated in the Arctic Circle. It is a part of Europe. 

Norway on Map

The country never sees the sun set for around a period of 76 days in the year. Hammerfest is one of the northernmost places in this country where the sun is continuously out for 76 days between May and July in the year. 



This place is known for the Aurora more than anything else which shades the fact that there is no sunset here as well for people to write ballads about. Iceland also has no mosquitoes. It's a big surprise and I guess many from Asia would want to visit the place to enjoy a mosquito free evening. But there is no evening in the month of June on this island, as the sun does not set here in this month. The places where the midnight Sun can be witnessed are Grimsey island and the city of Akureyri. 


Nunavut, Canada: 

It is a city with only 3000 people and is located two degrees above the Arctic circle as well. It makes one wonder about the capabilities of the man to survive and reside in such bone chilling places. This indeed is called the survival of the fittest and man is on the top of this list. 

Nunavut Canada

This place also sees around two months of no sunsets in one year. However in winters this place also witnesses the darkness of 30 continuous days. It is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Canada after Toronto. 

nunavut canada

Kiruna, Sweden: 

The northernmost city of Sweden, with a population of 19000 does not witness any sunset for almost 100 days in a year. The phase of no sunset lasts from May to August every year and is the most popular time to visit this destination. Another tourist attraction in this place is the Art Nouveau Church of Kiruna which is one of the most beautiful architectures seen in churches of the world. Plus the place is bright almost for 100 days in a year. 


Barrow, Alaska: 

From 1825 to 2016,Utqiaġvik was known as Barrow. It is the borough seat and largest city of the North Slope Borough in the U.S. state of Alaska.

barrow map

This place is all lit up from May to July. This is however the complete opposite of the time when the Sun does not rise at all, that is in November every year. In this month the place does not see the Sun rise for almost 30 days. The situation is also called Polar Night. Point Barrow here is the northernmost point of the US situated on the Arctic coast. 

Barrow, Alaska

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Saint Petersburg, Russia:

This place in Russia is hugely populated with more than 1 million people residing in the same. It is also the northernmost city of the world. The latitude of the place is so high that for a month and half the sun does not pass below the horizon enough for the place to darken. Thus there is no sunset in this place for a month and half.

St Petersburg


This place is also called the land of thousand lakes and islands. In Finland most cities get to see the Sun straight for 73 days in summers, It is then the Sun does not set and continues to shine for straight 73 days.

Finland map

It is however compensated in the winters when the Sun does not rise for the season. One can also enjoy the view of Aurora or the Northern Lights here,along with staying in the igloos. 



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