Math Riddles: Can you solve this Anime Math Riddle in 30 Seconds? Check your IQ here!

Math Riddle Challenge: Solve this Anime Math Riddle in 30 Seconds. Check your IQ here! are you up for the task and solving this complex puzzle, like your favorite anime character who never gives up? Find out here!
Math Riddles: Can you solve this Anime Math Riddle in 30 Seconds? Check your IQ here!
Math Riddles: Can you solve this Anime Math Riddle in 30 Seconds? Check your IQ here!

Who said math is scary? Are your favorite anime characters scared of those big monstrous anime villains?

After all, everyone knows they are just complex characters with their own backstory and problems and only a hero can help them solve them!

Are you the Hero? 

Just like a mighty hero is supposed to overcome obstacles, math solvers must solve the equation to get the perfect answer.

So, the chosen one, are you up for this task?

Just like a sensible hero, the qualities of logic, creative problem-solving, and common sense are essential, and voila! You can crack any code, including math riddles! 

Just like nothing comes easy for a hero, the very act of working through a difficult problem to find the solution is rewarding and adventurous! Isn't it?

There’s no question that some aspects of math are difficult, but what's the fun in easy ones?

So today we have this Anime Math Riddle challenge for you! Be the Hero and solve this puzzle in 30 seconds! Can you? 

Let's find out!

Look at the Anime Math Riddle carefully

Can You find the missing numbers in this anime math riddle in 30 Seconds?




Could you figure it out yet?

Remember you only have 30 seconds!

The time is running...





Time's Up!

Could You Figure it out?

If not that's ok, Heroes need help too!

Let's Solve the Math Riddle Together

Let's Look at the puzzle


Here there are three characters:

Orange haired Character= O

Black haired Character= B

And the White Haired Character= W 

We have to find their value.



We know,

  1. O+W=10
  2. O+B=17
  3. B-O=12

We can see the O is common in all Equations





We can find out O now 

Solving For O






now we know the value of O and all equations have O in common we can find the Value of Other anime characters!



= 7.5




Now we know the value of all the Anime characters!

Great Work!

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