National Epilepsy Day 2019: Key Facts and Significance

National Epilepsy Day is observed on 17 November annually to raise awareness about the epilepsy disease. Do you know what is epilepsy, how is it caused, symptoms and treatment? Let us find out!
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National Epilepsy Day
National Epilepsy Day

National Epilepsy Day in India is celebrated by the Epilepsy Foundation. On this day various seminars, debates, stage events, etc. are organised to educate people about the epilepsy disease and its treatment methods. On this day, various hospitals also provide free treatment and organise consultation camps for the patients.

What is Epilepsy Disease?

Epilepsy is a chronic brain disorder resulted in recurrent 'seizures' or 'fits'. Seizures occur due to the sudden, excessive electrical discharges in the neurons or brain cells. This type of condition can affect people at any age and each age group suffers from different problems.

Therefore, we can say that Epilepsy is a neurological condition in which the tendency to have seizures starts in the brain.

Note: Epilepsy is not just one condition but a group of many different 'epilepsies' and the one common thing is to have seizures in the brain.

It is diagnosed after a person has had more than one seizure. It is also seen that all seizures are not because of epilepsy. There are several other conditions like very low blood sugar, fainting, etc. which causes seizures. Mostly epilepsy is diagnosed in children and people over age 65.

According to WHO, around 50 million people in the world are suffering from epilepsy disease and out of which 80% are living in developing countries. It is a treatable disease but three-fourth people affected by this disease in developing countries do not get proper treatment. Approximately 10 million people in India are suffering from seizures that are associated with epilepsy.

Do you know how the human brain works?

How is Epilepsy caused?

- Infection in the brain.

- Congenital abnormalities

- Stroke and brain Tumors

- Damage to the brain due to prenatal and perinatal injury.

- Injury in head or accident.

- During childhood prolonged high fever.

- Infections like encephalitis or meningitis.

- Low oxygen during birth.

- Some genetic conditions like tuberous sclerosis may result in brain injury.

Note: It is seen that 70% of cases of epilepsy do not have any particular cause.

Symptoms of Epilepsy

- Loss of consciousness

- Muscles of arms, legs or face become stiffed.

- Different types of sensations like sort of pricking pins or needles in arms or legs.

- Uncontrollable jerking motions in arms or legs etc.

Do you know that your brain has a “Delete” button?

How to deal with the seizures caused during epilepsy?

- Don't panic.

- Loose tight clothes near the neck if there is.

- Remove sharp objects out of the person suffering from seizures.

- Gently roll the person from one side so that any fluid present in the mouth comes out.

- Under the head of the person put some type of soft cloth.

- Do not give or push anything to the mouth of the person.

- Remain with the person until any help arrives.

- Allow the person to rest or sleep.

Don't forget that epilepsy disease is treatable through proper medications. But important is that we should not delay the treatment. Start the treatment just after the disease is diagnosed. In this way, we can prevent the condition of the person from deterioration.

Certain tips for the Epileptic person are as follows:

- If the epilepsy patient does not suffer from seizures then also it is advised to take proper medication as advised by the doctor.

- Don't discontinue medicine without the advice of a doctor.

- Before taking any other medication, it is better to consult or to take advice from the doctor.

- Don't drink alcohol because it provokes seizures.

So, we can say that Epilepsy is a disease in which seizures occur in brain cells or neurons. It is a treatable disease and taking proper medication, the cure of epilepsy disease is possible. National Epilepsy Day is to make people aware not to panic from the disease and take proper medication. This day also educate people via seminars, lectures, etc.

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