Optical Illusion: Can you find the penguin among ostriches in 14 seconds?

In this optical illusion picture, a penguin is hiding in plain sight among the ostriches. You are a genius if you can spot the hidden penguin in 14 seconds or less. Test your observation skills by attempting this optical illusion challenge now!
Find Penguin in 14 Seconds
Find Penguin in 14 Seconds

Optical Illusions Game: "Optical illusions" are images that fool your brain and test your ability to observe things. The three types of optical illusions are cognitive, physiological, and literal visual illusions.


Despite the ever-changing attention spans among the general public today, optical illusions have proven effective in capturing people's attention, keeping them intrigued, and enticing them to return for more.


Netizens also enjoy solving optical illusion problems as a fun way to pass the time and impress their friends and peers.


Studies indicate that optical illusions also improve your concentration and observation skills.


Want to find out how good your observational skills are?


Then attempt this optical illusion challenge now.


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Optical Illusion - Find Penguin Among Ostriches in 14 Seconds


Source: Bright Side


The image shared above shows a group of ostriches who are dressed up for the party. You can see that all the ostriches are wearing coats, some are wearing hats, ties, and also bow ties, while some prefer not to wear any head accessories.


All looks well here, isn’t it?


But among the ostriches, there is one hidden penguin, which cannot be detected at first glance.


The challenge for you is to find the hidden penguin within 14 seconds or less.


Optical illusion challenges such as these are a good way to test your observation skills as well as your intelligence. Although it is considered a good way to test your intelligence, it is not the only means of doing so.


If you really want to know what your IQ levels are, professionally created IQ tests are the best way to find out.


Only 9% of people can find 3 hidden daffodils in this optical illusion picture in 17 seconds. Can you?

Did You Find the Penguin in 14 Seconds?

The task for you is to find the penguin within 14 seconds, and it is hiding among the ostriches in this picture.


At first glance, it is almost impossible to spot the penguin.


The key to solving this challenge within the time limit is to observe the image carefully.


This test is all about your observation skills, and the level of your focus will help you a lot in clearing the optical illusion challenge successfully.


Have you spotted the penguin?


Hurry up; time is running out.


There are only a few more seconds left.


Did you see the penguin now?


We believe that some users with good observation skills might have already spotted the penguin by now, while other users will still be there frantically searching for it.


Time’s up.


Curious to know where the penguin is?


Not to worry; we have provided the solution below.


Keep reading.

Find the Penguin among Ostriches in 14 Seconds - Solution

The penguin can be spotted peeping from the left of the ostrich wearing a grey coat in the second last row when seen from the top.


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