Optical Illusion: Find the Skateboard in 7 Seconds

Optical Illusion: There is a mini skateboard hiding in plain sight in this picture. Can you find the mini skateboard within 7 seconds? Attempt this optical illusion challenge now!
Find Skateboard in 7 Seconds
Find Skateboard in 7 Seconds

Optical Illusion: The growing popularity of optical illusions is due to the ability to hold the attention of people while tricking their minds at the same time.


It is a great way to unwind after a long day, and give your brain a light-hearted form of exercise.


Not only that, but optical illusions also prove their usefulness in diagnosing various psychological disorders like schizophrenia and phantom limb syndrome.


And most importantly, optical illusions help improve your observational skills and enhance your ability to concentrate.


Want to know how good your observational skills are?


Then, attempt this challenge now.


Optical Illusion - Find the Skateboard in 7 Seconds



Source: Reddit


The above picture shows a hallway scene in which a carpet is seen with colours black, grey and blue and different shapes.


The netizens became perplexed when they were asked to find a skateboard in this carpet scene.


So the challenge for you also is to find the skateboard which is hiding in plain sight in the carpet scene and the time limit is 7 seconds to do that.


Get your game face on and start your quest for optical illusion glory.


Look carefully at the image and see if you can spot anything different.


The difficulty level of this challenge can be said as easy considering the time limit given for solving the challenge.


An individual who possesses good observation skills will be able to spot the skateboard before the time.


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The key to solving the optical illusion challenge is focusing your attention on the image and scanning the image for any variations.


How many of you have spotted the skateboard by now?


Hurry up.


Time is running out.


It is understood that the various patterns in the carpet make detecting the skateboard difficult, this is where attention plays an important role.


Time’s over.


Did you spot the skateboard?


Well, those who did, deserve a big round of applause.


Those who didn’t, need to up their game and practising such challenges will help immensely.


Curious about the location of the skateboard?


Scroll below for the solution.


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