Optical Illusion: Spiders are experts at hiding! Can you spot the hidden spider in the image?

Were you one of those kids who believed that getting bitten by a spider would turn you into a spiderman? Whether you nodded your head in a yes or a no, you would definitely love this exciting challenge of finding the hidden spider in just 10 seconds.
Find the hidden spider!
Find the hidden spider!

Spiders are one of the least talked about creatures, but, in reality, they deserve our attention. There are so many things that we may not know about spiders that are actually supremely astonishing. Yes, surf the web about spiders and you will find so much exciting information that you may not already be knowing. No wonder there is a superhero associated with spiders!


Don’t believe us?


Why don’t we enter into a deal? No, we won’t be demanding a lot! All we intend to do today is offer you some exciting facts about spiders, and in return, you will have to find the hidden spider in this image!

Exciting facts about spiders!

Fact 1:
Spiders can act as ants. Some species of spiders actually mimic ants, in order to escape predators.

Fact 2:
Some male spiders desire to be eaten by female spiders.

Fact 3:
Some spiders fling off tiny irritating hair on their potential predators.

Fact 4:

Spiders can be great team members. They are known for working individually, but they can be great team members when creating huge communal cobwebs.

Wait, let’s keep the last exciting fact for the day for the end!



Now that you have enjoyed these exciting facts about spiders, as per the deal, you are now required to find the hidden spider!


Hold on to your excitement, as you have some rules to take care of!


The Rules

The rules are pretty simple and straightforward. All you are required to do is set a timer for not more than 10 seconds on your phone. Start looking for the hidden spider just as the timer starts. DO NOT WASTE EVEN A SINGLE SECOND! Look closely at the corners and zoom in when required. Now, stop just when the timer asks you to stop. Remember, spiders do not like those who cheat!


Now that you know all the rules, you are all ready for the challenge!

The Challenge!

Find the hidden spider in the picture in not more than 10 seconds!

Image Source: Mind Oddities (YouTube)

Could you find the hidden spider?


Well, if you couldn’t, relax! We won’t take a step back from our promise!
Here has been the spider hiding all this while!


The spider!


Image Source: Mind Oddities (YouTube)


Hey. The challenge is over, and you can comfortably enjoy the fifth exciting fact about spiders!


Fact 5:

Spiders look at the world differently! Well, to state it clearly, spiders can actually view things that we humans cannot. Some spiders are capable of viewing spectrums that the human eye is unable to see.

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