Pandoravirus EXPLAINED! What germs is the melting Arctic releasing? Should we worry?

Yet another virus mankind needs to safeguard itself from. Let’s talk about the Pandoravisus.
Pandoravirus: Everything you need to know
Pandoravirus: Everything you need to know

Get ready for a surprising fact that a layman would never wonder; viruses are not only present in the air, but also beneath oceans and land.


Recently, many scientists have been curious about plenty of large viruses that had been buried in the Siberian ground for around thousands of years, and they have been successful in finding out amazing results.


The oldest virus discovered was approximately 48,500 years old.


This is the oldest virus ever to be revived on the planet, and scientists call it the Pandoravirus. The youngest virus, on the other hand, is around 27,000 years old.


With global warming liquifying the permafrost, the melting of thick layers of ice is releasing organic matter secreting organic matter frozen for eons. This organic matter includes viruses, bacteria, and more. It is important to note that these are still able to reproduce.



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