Summary on the Indian Shipping Industry

The Indian shipping industry plays an important role in the Indian economy as almost 90% of the country’s international trade is conducted by the sea. Here, we are giving summary on the Indian Shipping Industry which can be used as quick revision GK study material in the preparation of different competitive examinations.
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The Indian shipping industry plays an important role in the Indian economy as almost 90% of the country’s international trade is conducted by the sea. Today, India has around 1071 ships with 722 coastal and 349 overseas ships; Indian coastal shipping is highly fragmented.

 Indian Shipping Industry

Summary on the Indian Shipping Industry

1. The Ministry of Shipping, a branch of the Government of India, is the apex body for formulation and administration of the rules and regulations and laws relating to Shipping. It encompasses within its fold shipping and ports sectors which include shipbuilding and ship-repair, major ports, national waterways, and inland water transport.

2. The first ship building factory of India was established at Vishakhapattanam in 1941. It was later, adopted by the Indian Government in 1952 and was named as ‘Hindustan Shipyard Limited’.

3. Kolkata, Goa, Mumbai and Kochi are the major ship building centres.

4. The Kochi Dockyard, developed in collaboration with Japan, which is the largest and most recent Dockyard of the country, whereas the Mazagaon Dockyard (Mumbai) builds the naval ships for the Indian Navy.

5. India is one of the main maritime nations of the world with 6.8 million Gross Registered Tonnages (GRT), with rating 17th in the world.

6. The Shipping Corporation of India Ltd. (SCI) was formed in 1961 and in 1992; it was changed from a Private Limited Company to Public Limited Company. On August, 2009, it conferred as ‘Navratna’ status.

7. Indian Maritime University (IMU) was set up in 2008 in Chennai with campuses at Chennai, Kolkata and Vishakhapatnam as a Central University.

List of major ports on West Coast of India

List of Public Sector Undertakings (PSUs) of Shipping Industry in India

PSUs under Ministry of Shipping


Shipping Corporation of India, Mumbai

Established on October 2, 1961

Hindustan Shipyard Ltd., Visakhapatnam

1. Established on June 22, 1941.

2. Jal Usha was the first India’s ship to be constructed fully in India was built here in 1948.

Cochin Shipyard Ltd., Cochin

1. Established in 1972.

2. It is the only shipyard in India which can build and repair ships upto 1,10,000 DWT and 1,25,000 DWT respectively.

Dredging Corporation of India Ltd. (MSIL), Visakhapatnam

1. Established in the year 1976 to provide dredging services to the major ports of the country in India.

 2. It is in a schedule B and Mini ratna Category-1 PSU.

Hooghly Dock and Port Engineers Ltd., Kolkata

1. Established in 1819 in Private Sector and called as Hooghly Docking and Engineering Company Ltd.

Subsequently, Port Engineering works was merged with it and the Hooghly Dock and Ports Engineers Ltd. was formed.

2. It has two units located at Salkia and Nazirganj in the city of Howrah.

Ennore Port Ltd., Chennai

1. It is the 12th major port in India and the first corporatised major port of India.

2. Established on February 1, 2001.

Central Inland Water Transport Corporation Ltd., Kolkata

Established in 1967.

List of major ports on East Coast of India


India has a long coastline of about 7517 km, spread on the western and eastern shelves on the mainland and also along the Islands. It is an important natural resource for the country’s trade. The Ministry of Shipping was formed in 2009 by bifurcating the erstwhile Ministry of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways into two independent ministries. The above ‘Summary on the Indian Shipping Industry’ will give a brief outline on India’s Shipping Industry to the aspirants of different competitive examinations.

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