What Is Narco Test? Why Is Delhi Police Testing Aftab Poonawalla?

Aftab Poonawalla, who allegedly murdered his live-in partner and dismembered her, is to undergo a Narco test under the jurisdiction of Delhi police.
What Is Narco Test?  Why Is Delhi Police Testing Aftab Poonawalla?
What Is Narco Test? Why Is Delhi Police Testing Aftab Poonawalla?

Delhi Police has been granted permission by a local court to conduct a narco analysis test on Aftab Poonawalla, the alleged murderer of Shradha Walker.

The police approached the Saket Court to seek permission for a narco test to be done on the murder convict, who, according to them, has not been cooperating with the investigation.

The police intend to use the narcotic analysis test to discover the entire facts of the incident 

Shradha Walker, a call center employee, was allegedly murdered by her live-in partner, Aftab Aamin Poonawalla in May. 

According to the police, after a disagreement between the two, Aftab strangled Shradha, killing her in the process. He then tried to hide the corpse by dismembering it into 35 pieces. At first, he kept the dismembered parts in a refrigerator for a month and then dispersed them all over the National Capital Region.  

Aaftab has been questioned by the police over the murder, however, he had not cooperated. And now he will have to undergo a narcotics test.

What Is Narco Test?

A Narco test is a form of investigation, where a drug is administered to an individual, in order to bring out the truth.

It involves injecting a ‘Truth serum’, which is either made of sodium pentothal, scopolamine, or sodium amytal. 

When this drug is dispensed, the person enters into various stages of anesthesia and eventually enters a hypnosis-like state. As a result, the individuals’ self-consciousness is reduced, enabling them to communicate freely.

During this state, the subject is more likely to provide information or truth, than during the conscious stage.

Either a psychologist, investigating officer, or forensic specialist should be present at all times and act as a supervisor during the narcotics test. 

However, there is a chance that the subject who had undergone the test might still be able to provide false information even under the influence of these drugs. 

Aftab Poonawalla will soon undergo the narco test, as, according to the police, he intentionally misled investigators by lying about what he did with Walkar's phone and the weapon he used to dismember her. 

Is The Narco Test Always Accurate?

No, the Narco test is not completely accurate. It was discovered that some subjects had lied and given false information even under the influence of the aforementioned drugs. 

The Narco test on the Delhi murder convict, Aftab Poonawalla is being conducted to gain insight into the mental health of the accused and acquire details regarding the brutal murder.

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