What is the salary of MLAs in India?

As of November 2019, there are 28 states and 9 Union territories in India. Now Jammu and Kashmir is no longer a state. So the number of Legislative councils is reduced to 6. A total of 28 states and UTs have 4116 MLAs. Uttar Pradesh has the highest number (403) of MLAs in the country.
Salary MLA in India
Salary MLA in India

All the MLAs elected to the State Legislative Assemblies are given an ‘MLA fund’ between Rs. 1 crore to 4 crores per annum in each state assembly. This fund is different in every state, as an MLA in Madhya Pradesh gets Rs. 4 crore/annum to develop his/her constituency, whereas Rs.2 crore is given to an MLA in Karnataka.

Do you know that every MLA gets a fixed salary every month in addition to the MLA fund? This salary varies from state to state. In India, the highest salary Rs. 2.5 lacs per month is given to MLAs of Telangana state while the lowest salary Rs.34000 is given to the MLAs of the Tripura assembly.

Let us know that how much salary and fund is given to the MLAs of different Legislative Assemblies in India?

State Legislative Assembly

Salary and Fund of MLA ( in Rs.)

 1. Telangana

 2.5 lacs

 2. Delhi

 2.10 lacs

 3. Uttar Pradesh

 1.87 lacs

 4. Maharashtra

 1.70 lacs

 5. Jammu & Kashmir

 1.60 lacs

 6. Uttrakhand

 1.60 lacs

 7. Andhra Pradesh

 1.30 lacs

 8. Himachal Pradesh

 1.25 lacs

 9. Rajasthan

 1.25 lacs

 10. Goa

 1.17 lacs

 11. Haryana

 1.15 lacs

 12. Punjab

 1.14 lacs

 13. Jharkhand  

 1.11 lacs

 14. Madhya Pradesh  

 1.10 lacs

 15. Chhattisgarh

 1.10 lacs

 16. Bihar

 1.14 lacs

 17. West Bengal  

 1.13 lacs

 18. Tamil Nadu

 1.05 lacs

 19. Karnataka

 98 thousand

 20. Sikkim

 86.5 thousand

 21. Kerala

 70  thousand

 22. Gujarat

 65 thousand

 23. Odisha

 62 thousand

 24. Meghalaya

 59 thousand

 25. Puducherry

 50 thousand

 26. Arunachal Pradesh

 49 thousand

 27. Mizoram

 47 thousand

 28. Assam

 42  thousand

 29. Manipur

 37 thousand

 30. Nagaland

 36 thousand

 31. Tripura

 34 thousand

What other facilities are enjoyed by the MLAs besides the salary?

Let's have a look at the facilities available to a MLA from the Uttar Pradesh:

In Uttar Pradesh, a MLA gets Rs.7.5 crore as a MLA fund within 5 years. Apart from this; the MLA gets Rs. 75,000 per month as salary, Rs. 24000 for diesel expenditure, 6000 for personal assistant, Rs. 6000 for mobile expenses and Rs. 6000 for medical expenses.

In addition to these expenses he receives free fooding and lodging facilities in the government’ guest houses and separate expenses for traveling to his/her constituency. After adding all the expenses MLA receives a total of around Rs.1.87 lacs per month.

The MLA also has the authority to allocate 200 hand pumps to provide safe water in his constituency in five years. Apart from this; a person can travel free with MLA in the train.


What benefits do MLA get after retirement?

After the expiry of 5 year term; the MLA gets Rs.30000/month in the form of pension, as well as Rs. 8000 as diesel expenditure, along with the benefits of free railway pass and medical facility throughout the life.

It is worth to mention that in the last 7 years; the average salary of MLAs has been increased near about 125%.The salary of MLAs of Delhi assembly has been increased by 450% and the salary of MLAs of Telangana increased by 170%.

So in one line it can be said that after becoming the MLA; life becomes secure till end of the life.

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