Zoom App: Here's all you need to know about India's most downloaded Android app

Zoom is currently the most downloaded Android app dethroning all the popular social media services including WhatsApp, TikTok, and Instagram on Google Play Store.
Created On: Apr 17, 2020 12:54 IST
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Zoom App
Zoom App

Zoom is gaining much popularity amid coronavirus outbreak. People are now staying at home and practising social distancing to contain the spread of the deadly disease. However, to stay connected with their friends and family virtually, people are using social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Zoom, etc. Video Conferencing app Zoom has dethroned WhatsApp to become India’s most downloaded Android app. Amidst this, several reports emerged that the app is leaking the data and the app is not end-to-end encrypted. 

Zoom has recently dethroned all the popular social media services including WhatsApp, TikTok, and Instagram on Google Play Store. One of the best features of this service is that its basic version allows up to 100 participants to join a video conference call. This is probably the main reason why it has become the most loved and used service overnight, especially for working professionals. So far, Zoom has over 100 million downloads on Google Play Store and the numbers are going up rapidly. However, the Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a notification that the app is not safe to use. 

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What is a zoom app?

Zoom is a cloud-based video calling service that is widely used for virtual conference meetings. You can connect via zoom app either by video only or audio only or by both. Zoom also allows the users to record video calls for future purposes. 

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What are its main features?

One-On-One video conferencing: This is the most common use of the service. Zoom uses audio and video to connect two people with each other virtually.

Group Meetings: This feature is used by office administration to connect with their employees in real-time. The free version of the service can connect up to 100 participants at once for 40 minutes, however, the number of participants can be increased up to 500 and the 40 minutes can also be removed.

Screen Sharing: This feature is often used for giving presentations in a virtual group meeting. 

Zoom Meeting: It means that a meeting on a video call can be joined that is hosted using zoom.

Zoom Room: This feature allows a physical setup in the conference rooms of companies to do meetings via video call. 

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Zoom is among those services that have seen a massive jump in its users during the coronavirus pandemic. With almost all office going people are working from home, the service became the most sought after app as it specializes in video conferencing and remote working software. 

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