Why Department of Education Derecognizes a School: DPS Rohini, A Case in Point

 DoE of Delhi Govt has suspended the recognition of DPS Rohini for violating fee hiking norms during the 2021-22 academic sessions. DPS Rohini has been asked not to admit any students for the session - 2023-24. Know why DoE suspended school recognition here. 

Updated: Dec 7, 2022 13:51 IST
DPS Rohini Loses Recognition
DPS Rohini Loses Recognition

DPS Rohini Loses Recognition: Recently, the Directorate of Education (DoE) of Delhi has suspended the recognition of Delhi Public School (DPS) Rohini. Yesterday, DoE issued an order stating that the school authorities were not following the directions laid out by it and were allegedly increasing the fee structure. However, DPS Rohini will be allowed to complete the session 2022-23 with recognition but they cannot take any admission for the 2023-24 session. As per the authorities, the order to suspend the recognition of DPS Sector - 24, Rohini would sustain till the school removes the deficiencies/defects as mentioned in the order. 

Why DoE Delhi Suspended Recognition of DPS Rohini? 

The Delhi government’s Directorate of Education (DoE) has suspended recognition of Delhi Public School Rohini, alleging - "profiteering, commercialisation, capitation and exploitation of parents” by charging “unwarranted fees”. The department said the school authorities have violated fee hike norms during the 2021-22 academic sessions.  

According to the order issued by DoE Himanshu Gupta, this comes after complaints by parents that the school allegedly charged hiked fees in 2021-22 and collected hiked fee arrears, and didn’t provide a 15% deduction in annual school fees as was directed by the Delhi High Court in May 2021. 

DDA Approval Required Before Increasing Fees 

The DoE order stated that the schools operating on the lands allotted by Delhi Development Authority (DDA) were directed to seek its approval before implementing any fee hike. In 2020, the directorate ordered private schools not to increase any fees in the 2020-2021 academic session and only collect tuition fees. Additionally, schools like DPS Rohini that operate on DDA land were instructed to collect tuition fees on the basis of the last fee structure filed by them in 2015-2016.  

Further, in 2021, the Delhi High Court directed schools to collect their annual fees, but by deducting 15% to account for unutilised faculties of schools while they remained closed to students. The DoE’s order states that it issued an order to the school in July 2021 to comply with its directions following complaints from parents that the school was charging hiked fees during 2021-22.

Complaints By Parents Regarding Fee Hike in DPS Rohini 

As per the notice released by the DoE, it has  a written complaint by parents to the DoE on school authorities allegedly - "harassing them by issuing show cause notices and telephonically intimidating parents to pay illegal and inappropriate fees.” There is also an allegation of the school refusing to issue school leaving certificates, transfer certificates and provisional certificates unless the “illegal/unapproved” fees were paid. 

DPS Rohini Authorities Neglected Their Duties 

This has also been mentioned on the notice issued by DoE, Delhi that the school authorities have neglected its assigned duties as per the provisions of Acts and Rules and failed in ensuring the functioning of the school in accordance with the provisions of the Delhi School Education Act and Rules, 1973, guidelines and orders by DoE and Hon’ble Court.  

What will be the Impact of DPS Recognition Suspension on Students and Teachers? 

As for the current session 2022-23, the school has been given permission to complete the session with recognition. The suspension of recognition will not affect the students studying in the current session. However, the school has been asked not to admit students for the session, 2023-24. After the completion of this session, all students will be shifted to the nearby recognised schools run by DPS Society or to nearby Delhi government schools with the parents' consent (if the suspension is not revoked). 

The teachers and staff of the DPS Rohini will be adjusted by the DPS society in its other recognized school within the Jurisdiction of the NCT of Delhi.  Also, the overcharged fees already paid will have to be refunded to all the students immediately.   

DoE and Bal Bharati Public School Pitampura 

Similar to DPS Rohini, earlier, in 2021, the DoE had issued an order withdrawing Bal Bharati Public School Pitampura recognition on grounds that it “illegally” increased fees in the years 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 without its approval. The order had directed that the school would not be allowed to take new admissions from the 2022-23 session. However, DoE has withdrawn the order of derecognising Bal Bharati Public School, Pitampura. 

This comes after the school moved to the Delhi High Court. The school filed a petition to the High Court against two orders issued by the DoE - the first being the order withdrawing its recognition, and the other stating that the DoE had rejected the statement of fees submitted by the school for 2019-2020. The court laid out a procedure for DoE to follow, providing the school opportunities for hearings if it wishes to issue a fresh order against it. 

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