10 not-so-good things about college life

Everything about college life is not ideal and here are some not so good things about life as a college student.

10 not-so-good things about college life
10 not-so-good things about college life


College life is said to be the best time of a student's life. With just the right amount of freedom and responsibility, it is the phase which builds their careers and future. However, like every other thing and place, college also has certain downsides. Here is the list of things about college which are not so ideal.

1. Randomly assigned roommates

If you choose to live in a hostel, chances are high that you will be assigned a roommate based on chit system or other ways of random selection. Now staying alone for the first time with a stranger can be really difficult. The chances of person turning out to be good or bad are equal. If they turn out to be someone who has extremely conflicting views about things and gets involved in activities which affect your personal space, it can be a year full of torture.

2. Lack of money

College gives you freedom but to enjoy that freedom you need money which is not the case in most cases. Almost every student functions on a basic pocket money given by parents and has to curb the desire to buy things they really want to because the budget has to kept in mind. Everything from food, clothes to other items of daily use cost a lot and the lack of money is a real buzzkill in college.

3. Big college equals to fear of anonymity and small college equals to average exposure

This is a dilemma which comes with being a college student. If you happen to get admission in a famous college, the chances of getting lost in the crowd are high and you have to put extra effort towards getting noticed. On the other hand, studying in a less famous college will mean not getting enough exposure in comparison to a big institute in terms of professors, students activities and companies that visit the college for placement.

4. Having to tackle the complications of a relationship alone

Heartbreaks are always difficult, whether it's your first one or the tenth. In college you are alone to face all the complications. You have same-aged people around you which not be the ideal thing in times of sadness. If you are continuing relationship from school, it will be tough to balance it with academics so that your grades don't suffer. On the other hand, if you are someone who is expecting to find the love of their life in college, there might disappointment in store.

5. Odd jobs and internships

Half of your time in college will be spent in trying to figure out how other students are able to land internships with famous organizations while you spend your days at a desk piling files on files in alphabetical order or searching through pages of a newspaper for a particular kind of article. Internships are one of those things in college which come as an obligation and can get monotonous for the same reason.

6. Crappy professors

The college faculty can never be entirely amazing. There will always be some professor or the other which seems not worthy enough of enjoying the position they are. Some of them are very good at their job but have spent too many years teaching the same content to group of students, half of whom are not even interested in studying or listening. This kills their excitement to impart knowledge and turns them into people who just come to the class to say rehearsed lines.

7. Procrastination and more procrastination

A lot of your time in college will go thinking about things which could be and the ones which will be. The time when you will be working to earn your own living is not too far and the reality will strike you soon. If you happen to be someone who wants to study further, searching for colleges and applying for them will also be a hectic thing to do. The stress of what lies ahead combined with that of maintaining the grades will tough to deal with.


College life comes with its own set of pros and cons. While nothing matches the importance of getting higher education, there are certain struggles students have to face. However, knowing about the challenges can be highly helpful in helping you to stay prepared.

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