5 best tips to approach JEE Main paper 2018

Proper planning and approach is required to be successful in any field of life. Similar is the case with the competitive exams. Here, we have shared the 5 best tips to attempt JEE Main question paper that will help aspiring Engineers to approach the JEE Main in a correct way.

To execute a mission successfully, proper planning and strategy is required. Like in a long jump, the athlete to jump long, first he has to gain momentum by running fastly and efficiently. Similarly, proper planning and correct approach is needed to be successful in any field of life.

JEE Main 2018

So, here in this article you will get to know the 5 best tips to approach JEE Main paper 2018

1. Examine the paper carefully

Use the extra 15 minutes to analyse the paper completely. Go through the whole paper to assess the difficulty level of the paper and also analyse the breaker questions. Try to select the easy and average questions and attempt them first as that will save your time. Then, you can devote more time on tricky and difficult questions. This will help you to score good marks.

2. Try to approach theoretical questions first

Mathematics and the numerical part of Physics are time taking and needs proper time for accuracy of the answers. Once you have done the easy and average questions, then approach Chemistry or theoretical part of Physics and try to complete that in earliest time you can. Then go through the questions of Mathematics and numerical part of Physics.

3. Strongest One, First One

It can happen that one student might be strong in one subject and has weak grip on the other 2 subjects. So, It is always better to approach that subject first in which you feel more confident .It will surely save your time. Even in strong subject, try to attempt the theoretical portion first so that you can save your time to solve the numerical questions.

4. Subject-wise approach

There are units and chapters in every subject. Like in chemistry there are three portions which are physical, organic and inorganic. In inorganic chemistry most of the chapters are having no logic so you have to mug up them. It will be better if you attempt the inorganic question first and then come to organic chemistry where you have to recall the reactions by refreshing the concept of reaction mechanism. And lastly you can attempt the physical chemistry portion which is bit lengthy. Likewise you can use the same strategy for Mathematics and Physics.   

5. Manage your time smartly

You can make many strategies to solve the paper but the main thing that should be kept in mind is managing the time. Always keep an eye on your watch. If some question is taking too much time then it’s better to skip those questions for some time and approach other questions. Try to save the time the best way you can and never forget to spare some time for revisiting those questions which you have left earlier.

A person who knows how to manage his time is considered to be the wisest person. So, manage your time accordingly.

As 1/4 marks is deducted for each incorrect response in JEE Main. So, always remember accuracy of the answers is more important than the speed.

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