5 Things every college student should do to make best out of life

Being in college is very special for every student because it’s the time of life where you have vast new freedoms and very limited responsibilities. Jagranjosh.com has come up with 5 most practical and useful things a college student should do to make most out of their college life.


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Being in college is very special time for every student because it’s the time of life where you can enjoy new found freedom with

very limited responsibilities. It is all in all a unique opportunity that people will never  get to experience again.

At the same time, it is also a stage of exploration, both inside and outside of the classroom. Being in college is a glorious experience if you make full use of the time you get.

Jagranjosh.com has come up with 5 most practical and useful things a college student should do to make most out of their college life:

1. Participate/Get Involved

Participate/Get Involved


Use opportunities that come your way, attend seminars, panel discussions on issues which have no connection to your field of study. This might help you discover some areas of your interest, and learn about new fields.

Try to be a part of a society in college

It could be any society that interests you, or involves work you're good at. Working with people you don't know, and are from different courses will help you feel more confident. It would also help you make friends outside your course. So even if it's for a span of a few months, try to be a part of some society. Go to a meeting or attend an event of a group that is very different from you. For example, the fest and competitions sponsored and organised by different departments of college.

2. Focus on personal development

Focus on personal development


Read at least few inspirational/personal development books. Check out such titles as: The Success Principles, The Greatest Salesman in the World, Rich Dad-Poor Dad; Fish; Stay Hungry-Stay Foolish, and Who Moved My Cheese? Take advantage of all the resources made available to you by the school. This is including computers for research, teachers and even books.

Start a blog about an interest. This can be on anything, be it about your club, films, books, random musings etc. But do write. Writing will help you keep your head focused and de-cluttered.

Suppose, if you are into physical fitness or diet; you can start writing on it. If you are an expert of a particular subject, let say International Relation (IR) or Politics, try to get some freelance work and make money while in college. Pick your pleasure and just do it!

Choose something you have never been able to do and master it. For some its music, if you are really into learning something and once you have mastered it, you would feel like you can do almost anything if your will is strong enough!

You should and must come up with one thing after the college that you know you really passionate about. For someone it is cooking, for other it is coding, for another it’s Guitar. You have to find yours and know all the stuffs related to it. You never know, it might even change your life.

Start making your own decisions, and further than that own them! You are the one living your life, therefore, it should not matter what anyone thinks about your decisions and how you live your life. After all, they are not living your life you are. The second you commit to focusing on your own thoughts and desires is the moment that true happiness will prevail.

3. Strengthen the gap, build bridges and practice thanksgiving

build bridges and practice thanksgiving


One of the things you must do in campus is meeting your teachers. Develop a relationship with them where you can ask anything that seems difficult be it academic or life oriented.

Take a few minutes and thank your professor who made the biggest impact on your life during college. Teachers teach to make a difference in the world and are rewarded when they see their impact. Write a letter to your favourite professor thanking them for being who they are and doing what they do. Get a letter of recommendation from them. Building positive relationships with your college professors can help you in long run even after you have graduated from the college.

Attend every graduation party you're invited to. Help you roommate in his/ her studies, do your roommate's endless pile of dirty dishes/clothes at least once. You will find peace and harmony.

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4. Get yourself acquainted with college environment, wander around campus

Remember, this is your last chance to enjoy the odd beauty of resolute academic architecture. And now you can do so with rushing for lecture and attending classes. Breathe it in: the buildings; the quadrangles; try to build connection with different staffs/ workforces of college, there are the ones who know your college in and out; building relationship with them will help you in many ways.

Take help from your seniors. Sometimes their advice on issues can be even better than an expert's advice and pass on the legacy. Help your juniors too! Let them learn from your experience, while making their own experiences in college. And similarly, help people you may not even know. This can automatically make you feel good.

5. Travel



Make sure you travel a lot in your college years. It could be with your friends, classmates, a bunch of strangers or a solo trip. It is not just going to give you great experiences to cherish, but will also tell you a lot about the people around you. Remember,

The real character of a person shows when you live, work or travel with the person”

Travel, clearly is the most amazing and fun means to know someone. The good and the bad sides of a person are so much more prominent when you travel with him. By traveling with people, you will get closer to them and you will start understanding yourself a lot better post every trip.

If you won’t travel now, it’ll be impossible to travel later, when you are trying to focus on your career.

Jagranosh.com will end up saying, “Take a limitation and turn it into an opportunity. Take an opportunity and turn it into an adventure by dreaming BIG!”

Keep enjoying your life!!

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