7 Apps That Should Be On Every College Student's Phone

With technology taking over our day-to-day lives, use of phones and laptops has expanded beyond communication. Here are 7 apps that help students with studies.

Created On: Sep 7, 2017 19:12 IST
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7 Apps That Should Be On Every College Student's Phone
7 Apps That Should Be On Every College Student's Phone


A college student has many things to worry about. From classes to crushes and fashion to friends, there is a variety of things which need to be taken care of and there are smartphone apps to help them with the same. Like other best things in life, most of these apps are absolutely free so the students do not need to worry about their expenses.

Here we list, 5 best apps for students which can help them with studies and other college-related activities.


This is a free of cost app and has a 2,000,000 definitions. It fulfils all your English learning needs and also has an option of in-app options of purchasing medical dictionary and encyclopaedia. The app has features like history and word of the day to keep you vocabulary updated.


The sole purpose of this app is to make you 'remember everything'. The app lets you capture, nurture, and share your ideas across any device. You can make a note using this app, which will be accessible to you across all platforms. This note can be written text or even a picture. You can also create a group notebook where the things you share can be seen by everyone who is a part of the group.


This app is hands down one of the best apps for college students as it allows them to click a picture of anything written on the notebook or blackboard and convert it into pdf. The app also identifies foreign words and costs 191 rupees. Following are the advantages of this app:

• Speedy data transfer to PDF files

• Scanning multi-page documents can now be done continuously, with no waiting whatsoever.

• Smart document sharing & backup – Quick sharing of documents through email or Cloud storage, such as Dropbox and Google Drive.

• Printing via Cloud Print at home, at work, or on the go .

• Snap2PDF provides smart page detection, perspective correction, image post-processing


Developed by the mother of a dyslexic child, Lectio allows the user to click picture of a text and see meanings of whichever word he/she wants. When you click the picture of the text, the words which a part of Lexico dictionary appear in yellow and can be tapped to have them read aloud. The app also works without internet and is useful for people who do not want to go through entire text. This app, which can be downloaded on iPad and iPhone, can also be used to see meanings of the words.


This app is perfect for group assignments as it allows the users to keep track of tasks assigned to individual members, while also giving them a chance to give their input on other person's work. As suggested by the owners, the app permits usage of boards, lists, and cards which enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible and rewarding way.


Mainly used for long-distance communication, Skype can be great for students as it allows easy sharing of files while being on an audio or video  call. You can also create multiple groups to keep things organized and notes handy.  Not to mention, Skype can save you from scorching heat and bone numbing cold by letting you communicate in the comfort of your home.


This app creates a cloud where you can upload documents, videos and photos to have an access to them whenever and wherever you wish to. All you need is an internet connection to get back your notes made with utmost dedication. Dropbox allows you to take your docs anywhere by saving files on your computer, then accessing them on your phone from the road. Everything you keep in Dropbox is synced automatically to all your devices. It also makes it easy to send videos quickly, managing photos, working on slides etc.


These smartphone apps are an answer to all your college woes and we hope that they will be your choice for a smoother and better performance in group assignments and tests.

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