7 tricks that will help you ace your exams

If you can manage stress and routine, it might not be very difficult to prepare for exams and maintain your top notch grades.

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7 tricks that will help you ace your exams
7 tricks that will help you ace your exams


Preparing for exams is a difficult enough task. Couple it with lack of motivation and you have the recipe for prefect academic disaster. However, if you can manage stress and routine, it might not be very difficult to maintain your top notch grades. The classic method of dealing with this stress situation is drinking lots of energy drink and pulling an all-nighter. But what if we told you that there are some more productive, and healthy, hacks that can help you ace your exams?

These 7 study hacks might just be perfect for you

Start preparing in advance

Ideally, you should make studying part of your weekly routine throughout the school year, not just coming up to exams. You should prepare for classes by doing the required readings, along with some extra reading around the topic under discussion. Engage with your professors, ask questions about anything you don't understand and take extensive notes, as these will be an invaluable study tool later. After class, review the material and rewrite or type out the rough notes you took during class. This will help you to retain the information much better when it comes to exam time.

Reward yourself

Rewards can be a good motivation for you to continue studying when that brain refuses to. When you know you are going to reward yourself, you give yourself something to work towards. This can be anything from eatables like your favourite chocolates or activity like watching a video on Youtube. You can also play video games but make sure you have enough self-control for that because, as we know, time moves fast when you are playing video games and before you realize, it might be three hours already.

Use study resources on the internet

There are a lot of websites on the internet you can visit and explore, to refine your preparation for the upcoming exam. Sites like Memorize, Quizlet, StudyGS can provide you with some amazing tools to make your preparation easy and smooth. Whereas, if you need help referring your work, Cite It In can help, and both Marina Timer and Oxessays connects you with other students, as well as millions of learning resources. Try to think beyond your regular notes and notebooks to explore other options. After all, if we have the luxury of being connected globally and get any information any time, why not put it to good use?

Use colors for clarity

When you read through your notes, take 3 different colors. They can be highlighters, pens, markers, colored pencils etc. but highlighters are easiest to use. Highlight section titles in one color, vocabulary or important words with another, and any other important information with the last color. This should help you focus on what you need to know and also make revision process easy as everything will be marked in different colors for clarity and ability to recollect.

Choose a good location

Never underestimate the power of perfect surroundings. The definition of 'perfect surrounding' will differ from person to person. Some people might find quiet setting a good place for effective studying. Whereas, others might want soft music to concentrate. It may be a process of trial and error until you find the setting that works best for you, or you may find that a combination of different locations makes the process less monotonous and easier to stick to.

Make a study group

Form a study group which comprises of people you are comfortable studying with and who you think might help you with clearing your concepts while you also do the same for them. When working in a study group, it is important that everyone in the group is at a similar level and has a similar work ethic. Otherwise the study group won't work, as one person may end up doing all the work, or another might be completely left behind. Don't feel bad if you need to pull out of a study group that's not working for you. Doing well is what's most important.

Try turning the material into a story

Instead of learning off boring, monotonous lists and facts, try turning your study material into an exciting and engaging story which you will easily be able to recall. Work descriptive facts, dates and locations, and certain key words into your story and write it down or recite it to yourself or others to commit it to memory. This will not only make your preparation interesting but also easily recallable. When you are giving the exam, you can simply say the story in your head and there, you have your answer.


We are of the opinion that exams need not be dreaded as much as they are because they are just another way to test a student's hold on the subject. Follow the above mentioned steps to make the most of exams by not constantly worrying about them.

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