8 Scientifically proven ways to beat stress

Stress management has become crucial in these times when everyone is leading a busy life. We have jot down for you best scientific methods to fight stress.

Updated: Nov 1, 2017 11:22 IST
8 Scientifically proven ways to beat stress
8 Scientifically proven ways to beat stress

It has been deduced through scientific researches that human being are on a constant lookout for threat to their species. In modern day set up, this anxiety finds itself extended towards other parts of our personality as well. When you are anxious, your mind starts running at a great pace, mixing things up and thus stressing the mind out. One worry leads to another and the process gets out of control before you even realize. So, the wise thing to do when you find yourself stressing over something is to counter it with relaxing activity.

Plan things in advance: Going by the idea of 'prevention is the best medicine', plan things out in advance is advisable so that you can spare yourself the stress of a chaotic situation where everything has to be done impromptu. For example, if you know you have to travel home in an hour, keep an alternative route as optional so that if you find traffic, you can take it.

Get over the sad news: We are not asking you to totally ignore what is happening  in the world but a little ignorance can really prove to be a bliss. Studies have proven that women who study such articles stay more stressed than the ones who read neutral articles. Don't dwell on negative news and avoid using social media for sometime if you find something really disturbing everywhere on the internet. Instead, you can go for activities which nurture your brain like gardening or exercising.

Use spirituality: Spirituality helps you to connect with other human beings and consequently brings down the level of stress in the mind. Different people use different approaches to connect with their spiritual side. Some might pray to God or read religious texts, others may indulge in volunteering activities and help other people and develop empathy. Find out what works for you and do that thing at least once each day to inspire self-reflection.

Listen to music: Now this is something all of us do. Music is said to reduce your heart rate, blood pressure and stress hormone levels. So whenever you find your thoughts spiralling too much into a negative space, turn your favourite music on wherever you are and see the magic. It does not matter whether it's Bruno Mars or Beethoven, listen to what makes you happy and distracts from those monstrous negative thoughts. 

Chew gum: We are not kidding! Chewing gum is an activity which can actually bring down the stress level, as per the studies. Alternatively, eating something crunchy like carrots or celery, that requires a lot of chewing, can also do the task for you. The act of munching something crunchy releases the nervous energy, thus relaxing your brain. It also stimulates other senses which boost levels of feel-good hormones in your brain, leaving you less anxious than before. 

Exercise: Exercising doesn't only make you less nervous but also protects you against stress for the rest of the day by producing the right kind of hormones. There was a research conducted where one group of people were asked to do cycling while the others were asked to stay stationary. The ones who stayed stationary were more stressed when shown disturbing pictures later. Not to mention, exercising also makes you fit and healthy, thereby increasing the overall feeling of satisfaction and happiness. The activity burns calories and works well to distract you from negative thoughts. For best results, you should pair exercising with music.


Practice gratitude: No matter how bad your condition seems, there is always something to be thankful about. Take out 10-15 minutes each day to write your experiences and things you are grateful about. This could be anything ranging from a beautiful sunset to meeting a friend after a really long time. The achievements and happy moments might not be very monumental; they can be anything which made you happy. Doing this repeatedly increases their occurrence as well. The practice reportedly boosts your happiness and reduce stress by about 25 per cent, according to a research.

Watch something funny: Everyone has a favourite Friends' episode. If you are stressed or sad about something watching something hilarious can act as a very effective stress buster. It is not an unknown fact that laughter brings down stress by boosting the release of happy hormones. Win-win situation, yes?

These are some of the scientifically proven methods of relieving stress which we have collected for your benefit. There many other like swimming, travelling and talking to a loved one which can also be highly beneficial for you. You have to find what works for you and what not and work towards doing those things repeatedly.

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