9 IITians who impressed Entertainment Industry

In this article we are going to talk about IITians who broke the traditional path of being engineer after getting engineering degree and chose other career path to fulfil their dreams.

9 IITians
9 IITians

IITs are not just educational institutions which produce future engineers but also they produced IITians who did a lot in entertainment industry a made it as their career. They gave more weightage to their dreams and dared to sacrifice their IIT degrees too.

Here are top 9 IITians who successfully made it to the entertainment industry and chose it as their career.

1. Chetan Bhagat

Chetan Bhagat is an Indian writer, columnist, screenwriter, television personality and motivational speaker who is known for his bestselling English-language dramedy novels about young urban middle-class Indians. Bhagat did his engineering from IIT Delhi and has an MBA from IIM Ahmedabad. Some of his bestselling novels are:  Five Point Someone (2004), One Night @ the Call Center (2005), The 3 Mistakes of My Life (2008), 2 States (2009), Revolution 2020 (2011), What Young India Wants (2012) (speeches and columns), Half Girlfriend (2014),Making India Awesome (2015) and "One Indian Girl".

2. Rahul Ram

rahul ram

Rahul ram one of the singer-cum-bass guitarist in India, plays bass guitar for Indian Ocean. He joined this musical band in the year 1991. He studied at St. Stephens College and did his Masters in Chemistry from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. Throughout his academics he maintained high academic standards and enjoyed playing bass guitar. He was an activist with Narmada Bachao Andolan. Rahul has composed songs and sung for many movies like Gulaal, Peepli Live and Black Friday.

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3. Nitin Gupta

nitin gupta

Nitin Gupta one of the famous standup comedians in India did his graduation in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Bombay. He is popularly known as Rivaldo. He first performed in the year 2009, in front his friends in his college. Since then his group has performed in various concerts in IIT, IIM, TED Talks, Fortune 500 and many other events. He is also the founder of the Entertainment engineers.

4. Ashutosh Matella

ashutosh matella

Co-founder of RedMat Entertainment, Ashutosh too is a B.Tech graduate in Civil Engineering and completed his degree in the year 2005. He is mainly in the field of direction and choreography. He works on various movies, documentaries and advertisements. He directed the film With Love, Delhi! in 2011.

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5. Ashish Lal

ashish lal

Ashish is an actor, writer and filmmaker. He is also the founder of RedAsh Films Pvt. Ltd. He did his graduation in Civil Engineering from IIT Delhi in the year 2005.He worked for four years in Data Analytics before venturing full time in films. He took loan to make an English Bollywood movie named With Love, Delhi! in 2011.

6. Arunabh Kumar

arunabh kumar

He is the founder of popular online entertainment network, The Viral Fever. An alumni of IIT Kharagpur, Arunabh started TVF in 2010 after quitting his job as a research consultant with the US Air Force. His first creation was Engineer’s Diaries which was rejected by MTV. Arunabh said that rejection of his creation by MTV was the best the best thing that happened to him in his life because Qtiyapa(The TVF) show started after that.

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7. Biswapati Sarkar

biswapati sarkar

He comes from a family where IITians are worshipped like god. He recalls how his maternal uncle from IIT Kharagpur was treated as celebrity by the rest of the family at a wedding. Sarkar also went to IIT-Kharagpur but his degree is not the source of his livelihood. Sarkar is most famous for hosting Barely Speaking with Arnub where he imitates famous journalist Arnab Goswami. He rose to fame after shooting videos with stalwarts like Arvind Kejriwal and Shah Rukh Khan.

8. Jag Mundhra

jag mundhra

A renowned director Jag Mundhra was an IIT Bombay alumnus. He did his MS in Electrical Engineering before switching to a Phd program in motion pictures at Michigan State University. He said that he was never happy as an engineer but stuck it out because he didn’t want to let his parents down. Jag Mudhra directed many movies. His first movie was Kama Sutra - Il giardino profumato.

9. Vipul Goyal

vipul goyal

Vipul Goyal hails from the village, Falna, in Rajasthan. After his schooling from a convent in Mt. Abu, he went to IIT Bombay to complete his graduation. He worked as Retail analyst with Adventity Inc. for 6 months before getting laid off and experimenting with standup comedy. He is the leading man of The Viral Fever’s newly-launched web series, Humorously Yours.

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