9 Life-Changing Habits that can lead you to success

Your routine and habits can have a major impact on the way you live your life. So, try to develop these 9 life-changing habits that can help you achieve success.

9 Life-Changing Habits that can lead you to success
9 Life-Changing Habits that can lead you to success

For every young professional, the million dollar question would be ‘How to be Successful in Life? As a general trend, many young professionals start following successful people and imitating everything that they do in their daily life. While, this may look like the right strategy at first, but if it was effective, every young entrepreneur who dropped out of college would turn out to be Steve Jobs with Apple Inc. So, while following successful people might be a trend, it certainly does not guarantee success.

So still, the lakhonkasawaal remains i.e. What is it that makes the uber rich, famous and successful set apart from the rest? To be honest, no one in this world can give an exact answer to this question. There is no singular approach to being successful, in fact it entails several minor lifestyle aspects and habits for success that can help you become successful.

Below, we shall be discussing a few of these habits and the way in which creating positive habits will help you become successful.

1. Be an Early Riser

Ask even a school kid about the importance of rising early and they will be able to present over a 100 benefits for it. Despite being something so obvious and scientifically proven, it still remains one of the biggest flaws in the otherwise effective plan of young professionals to be successful. Be it work pressure, working late nights or strenuous schedules; people always find an excuse to get rid of this very important factor in the success mantra.

If you still want some inspiration to get out of bed early tomorrow, here are a few advantages

  • Rising early adds almost an hour to your day giving you more time to manage your daily tasks
  • Your brain and mental capacity is sharper during the early hours giving you a great edge over others
  • It keeps you relaxed and away from stress as you are not worried about being late for work or missing the metro/train/bus to work
  • Provides ample time to plan and schedule your day

2. Plan your Day

Well continuing the theme of early rising, the majority of successful people have a to-do list or a schedule ready for the day when they wake up. This gives their daily routine a sense of discipline while also ensuring that they do not miss out on any important task or appointments. Planning your day ahead of schedule will also ensure that you have your priorities in order with regards to the tasks that are most important being lined up first followed by the other miscellaneous tasks. Similarly, planning your day also help you achieve a great work-life balance, as it ensures that you set aside time for not only your professional work but also personal activities such as exercising, recreation, family time and others.

3. Exercise & Stay Healthy

The old adage of ‘Health is Wealth’ might sound a bit clichéd but it still signifies one of the most important things that a professional must adopt as a success mantra in their life. Wealthy and successful people understand the importance of being healthy and therefore majority of them invest at-least some part of their daily routine to being healthy. This may include exercising for half an hour or keeping a rigorous check upon the food they consume.

In fact, even currently, the day you exercise or work out and follow a healthy diet you can feel more lively and active compared to the days when you follow a more sedentary lifestyle. Exercise and eating right also has a great impact upon the overall psyche of the professionals as proven by a lot of studies.

And even if you feel that your poor health lifestyle might not seem to impact your work performance right now, but it will surely show its impact in long run. So, its better to start taking care of it right away.

4. Set smaller goals in life

This is a tricky one as most of us have always been told that being clear about your career goals is something that is a good thing. Well, it certainly is but while looking at the larger picture will give you a general sense of satisfaction it would not provide you with any guidelines or direction that you can follow to achieve that goal. Therefore, it is very important for young professionals to define smaller, practical and achievable goals that eventually lead to the larger goal they want to achieve in life.

For instance, if your long-term goal would be ‘to get fit’ or ‘to get promoted’, it certainly is a noble cause but you must define other smaller goals that act as building blocks to achieve this target.

Setting smaller goals is also beneficial as it helps you keep track of the progress you have made towards the larger goal and help you stay positive about the way your life is progressing. On top of that, you would also have the next step ready to be executed as soon as you are done with the previous one.

5. Reading

Pick up any biography or an article about the successful person and it would certainly have reading as one of their success mantras. And let me clarify up front, reading an article on facebook or a scrolling through your twitter feed doesn’t count.

Reading is an activity that has often been touted as an activity that successful and wealthy people enjoy. Among those people who prefer to read, the intent is to educational rather than informative. Simply put, it means that people who aim to be successful treat reading as an educational activity to learn new things rather than an activity to imbibe merely new information. Reading helps you to learn new things every day leading to self-exploration and self-learning of skills which no teacher can teach.

If you are looking for some good inspirational books to read that can help you to succeed in life, you can find some right here.

6. Keep Things Tidy

This has to be one of the most under-rated habits when it comes to being successful and the main reason behind this would be that no one can visually establish any relationship between the two. Keeping things organized and tidy might sound like a daily chore that has nothing to do with the success but as a habit it inculcates the ability to handle the challenges that rise on the fly. To top this, such simple habits that are very easy to inculcate also help us to keep our calm while managing the mess from being escalating to the point where it can cause stress and anxiety.

For instance, if you are able to keep your work or study desk tidy and organized, it will give a positive outlook and vibe when you are working on it. In addition to this, it would also save a lot of time as you will be able to find all the things that you need very easily while also ensuring that you don’t stress out looking for those things.

7. Maintain a Gratitude Journal

Success and being successful is an unending journey rather than a destination. And like all journey the journey towards success can only being once we realize where we are and what we have. Therefore, it is very important for young professionals to realize their fortune and be thankful for what they have.

Choosing an attitude of gratitude goes a long way in developing a positive attitude in life while also inspiring you to move ahead towards the larger goals. So from today onwards, identify and list down three things that you are grateful for, things you feel blessed to have as part of your life. They can be something as simple as a hearty breakfast or a successful meeting or a less crowded bus or metro ride.

Once you list down such small ‘wins of life’ and feel happy about them, they would help you to chalk out a detailed plan to deal with the larger problems be it at work or in personal life.

8. Carve Out Some Alone Time

With busy and challenging work and personal schedules, it is almost impossible to have some time for yourself. When you are constantly surrounded by co-workers, family members and friends; taking out time out to reflect upon your own goals and ambitions has become next to impossible. Add to that the challenging work schedules and the pressure of maintaining an enviable social life further cut down on any changes of having some ‘me time’

But as many psychologists have noted, while the 21st century has brought all of us more closer, it has also alienated us from ourselves. So, if you want to be successful, make sure to put aside some time with yourself. Again, this doesn’t mean sleeping or watching TV or browsing through social media; you must use this time to connect with yourself and understand what are your own thoughts about the way your life is moving and if you are satisfied about it or not.

9. Set online Boundaries

We have been often quoting the idea of staying away from social media throughout this article and there is a very valid reason behind it. There is no doubt that social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram; all have become an integral part of our daily life to an extent to that staying away from them have become a challenge.

But while they are a great source of staying updated, getting information and keeping entertained; they do consume an awful amount of time from your daily schedule. Therefore, it is very important for you to set online boundaries. This means that after spending almost the entire day in front of a computer screen for work purposes, staring through your facebook feed during your ride back home, its time to put aside your smartphone and computer to connect with the real life.

Setting the right online boundaries will help you save an immense amount of time while also helping you to connect with others, especially your peers, colleagues and family members in a better way. To start off, you can set aside a ‘digital detox hour’ everyday spanning across 30 minutes at office and 30 minutes at home wherein you would just turn off your computers and smartphones while focusing on other important and more beautiful things that lie in front of you.

These are just a few of the many different daily habits that can help you achieve success in your life while also changing you to become a better person not only in terms of professional success or wealth but also by touching hearts of people that surround you.

To sum-up, we can quote England's first Poet Laureate John Dryden who said

“We first make our habits and then our habits make us”

So, go out and inculcate some winning habits that can help you build a lifestyle leading to success not only in your professional life but also in personal life.

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