Amazon Freedom Sale 2019: 7 Novels That Will Help You Improve English Skills

If you are looking to hone your English skills then look no further as Amazon’s Freedom day 2019 sale is just around the corner. This amazing collection of novels available at a discounted price on Amazon Freedom Day sale 2019 will ensure that your English skills makes you stand out in a crowd.

Created On: Aug 9, 2019 17:45 IST
Amazon Freedom Sale 2019: 7 Novels That Will Help You Improve English Skills
Amazon Freedom Sale 2019: 7 Novels That Will Help You Improve English Skills

Amazon Freedom Sale 2019: On the occasion of Amazon Freedom Sale 2019, the e-marketing giant has come up with exciting offers and discounts on several English novels. Now, if you are looking to improve your English skills, Amazon Freedom Day sale is offering the perfect solution. This assorted collection of novels will ensure that your English skills accentuate your personality. Whether a student or someone trying to find their foot in the giant corporate world or just simply want to impress your peers, polished English skills can take you a long way. So, look no further! Grab one or all of these English novels at never-before prices this Amazon Freedom Day sale 2019.

We have provided direct links to this handpicked collection of books, so that you can check the elaborate details of the products without any hassles.

1. Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

This book by Bronte was way ahead of its time when first published. Since then, it has been a subject of interest in many literature classes and debates. A well-balanced mix of tranquillity, romance and action, this book makes for a good read to nurture your English skills. Set in the Victorian era, this novel depicts the slow but steady societal changes, highlighting issues such female empowerment and desires. Get this book at a much discounted price on Amazon Freedom Day Sale 2019 and spend your weekend exploring the moors in North England.

2. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Set in the 18th century, this Romantic period literature is one of the most popular books praised by authors and critics worldwide. Considered a classic, this book can help you refine your English skills and help you understand the style of language popular in that era. Besides, this book also makes for a great conversation considering its unique approach to the characters. Buy it this Amazon Freedom Day Sale and unwind yourself along with the complex characters in the book.

3. Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

Also set in the Victorian England, this book is one of the masterpieces by Dickens. The novel depicts the time when England was going through a massive expansion, with the economy changing its tracks from agriculture to more of industry based trades. The poetic writing style of the author combined with satire and humour pleases audiences of all age alike and can work magic with your English skills. This is one of those books you never regret having in your possession as it makes for a timeless read. It can be yours at a price that will leave you bewildered. Order it via Amazon Freedom Day sale 2019 at Rs. 130 only.

4. Tess of the D’ Ubervilles by Thomas Hardy

This piece by Hardy set during the Long Depression of England highlights social issues, especially surrounding women. Considered to be his finest by the author himself, the central figure of the book has been sketched in a way that is bound to evoke empathy among the readers. Added to it is the fact that the sheer manner in which the novel has been written makes for an excellent read and adds epiphany to your English skills. Hardy was always known to be a realist, and his style reflects in the rather blunt manner in which the narrative of the book has been drawn. Give your English skills the much needed boost and buy your copy at an unbelievable price on Amazon Freedom Day Sale 2019.

5. The Giver by Lois Lowry

An American modern essential classic, The Giver, is one of the most challenged books in modern day literature. The fiction/fantasy depiction of the future by the author engulfed in dystopia has been critiqued by readers worldwide. Written in a simple, straightforward and journalistic manner, this book is a great read for anyone keen on honing his/her English skills. This independence day take your English skills a notch higher by purchasing it at a much discounted price on Amazon Freedom Day Sale 2019.

6. Little Women by Louisa M Alcott

Set in the back drop of the American civil war, the story of the characters in the book is based on the life of the American author and her experiences with her sisters in real life. Acclaimed to be an excellent professional author, Alcott, vividly expressed her views on feminism and equal rights which is evident in her style of narrative. This novel is apt for a reader in any phase of his/her life. Get it at an amazing price of Rs. 193 only on Amazon Freedom Day Sale 2019.

7. Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy

Another literary masterpiece by Hardy, this novel also has its roots in Victorian England. A major literary success, this book explores human sentiment along with providing a fine picture of the pastoral life of farmers in rural England. The realistic depiction of the characters in the book by Hardy makes it quite compelling allowing readers to add a pinch of poetry and an assemblage of vocabulary to their English skills. Grab your copy on this Amazon Freedom Day sale at a discounted price of Rs. 225/- only.

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