Ask yourself these questions before switching career

Here are the questions that you need to ask yourself for a safe career change. Take a look!

Created On: Nov 27, 2017 17:56 IST
Ask yourself these questions before switching career
Ask yourself these questions before switching career

So, how do you see at changing your career, especially when you have spent a long time doing a particular kind of work? Is this decision right or it’s the wrong one? In fact, to answer it, you have to dive into the aspects related to the new job you see as your next career destination.

Mostly, the professionals do not think about the challenges and problems that might come to fore at the new workplace while taking the decision on their career change move. Owing to which, this career change move culminates into stress and unemployment.

However, there are some questions that can help you to figure out some important things which you need to think over before making a decision on your career change plan. In this article, we have enlisted those questions. Take a look! 

Why am I leaving my current job? Is there no scope for career growth?

Before taking any decision on your career change, what you first need to think about is that why you’re leaving your current job. The answer to this question could include any reasons starting from lesser pay structure to poor work environment. But, you need to think whether the reason for a career change is valid or not. If you can figure out at least one valid reason, then you really need to change your career. To ascertain whether the reason for the career change move is valid or not, you can take help from others. It can help you to figure out whether the complete career change is required or not. So, before taking any step further, you need to figure out at least one valid reason for your career change.    

Does the new career offer what the current job doesn’t?

After figuring out the valid reasons for a career change, you need to figure out the opportunities the new career offer, but the current job doesn’t. The new career may offer you the plenty of opportunities. But, it doesn’t mean the career option you see as your next career choice is perfect for you. It may also give the same result as the current one did. To evade this, try to ensure that your next career destination is really good for your professional growth and can take to what you see as your success.

Does the new career option pay of me more than the current job?

It’s one of the most common reasons owing to which most professionals change their job and career. But, in case of a career change without having required experience, you may be paid lesser than your current salary. The most important thing that you need to ensure is that the pay packages the new job offer you are enough or your survival. If the salary your next career option is offering you is enough for survival, then you make this career change. But, if it isn’t enough, then you need to think about how it could be managed. So, before leaving your current job, make some additional arrangements in order to make a safe career change.   

What challenges and problems might come to fore during the career transition?

Mostly, the career changers don’t try to foresee the probable problems and challenges that normally come to fore in a career transition, while taking a decision on their career change move. Owing to which, they fail to withstand the challenges and problems that they come across during the transition of their career. So, first figure out the challenges and problem that might come at the workplace before taking any step for the career change. 

Am I competent for the job I see as my next career destination?

Leaving current job may sound better for a while, but it couldn’t be easy especially when it comes to surviving at a new workplace. So, you need to figure out what skills, knowledge, and expertise are required to withstand the work-related problems at the new workplace. For it, you can go to the job description where the required minimum qualification is given by every employer. If you don’t have the skills, knowledge, and qualification that is necessary to face the challenges at the new workplace, then make required preparations before jumping into your next career destination. Once you possess the skills, knowledge and qualification that is required at the new workplace, you become able to face every challenge and problem that come fore to you during the transition. 

Is the new career option good for my overall growth?

Don’t waste your time on your new career choice, if it doesn’t have a good outlook. To have insightful understanding of your next career choice, you can ask someone you know who is already on the job you see as your next career for a long time. Ask him/her to honestly tell what he thinks about the career you see as your career choice. 


Making a safe career change is that kind of career move which requires insightful thinking on every possible aspect related to the career change.  Though figuring out all possible aspects related to career change doesn’t go easy enough for the career changers, but there are some questions that can help you to figure out the important things. In this article, we have tried to explain how these questions can help you to make the safe career change.

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