Best Action Words for your Resume

Preparing a resume is indeed a very tricky task especially when it comes to choosing the right words to describe one’s personality and profile. Take a look at some action words that you must include in your resume.

Best Action Words for your Resume
Best Action Words for your Resume

Someone has rightly said that:


And what better if you can create one of the brightest opportunities through an excellent résumé. Believe it or not, but a résumé has a magical convincing power to set the sails of your career in the right direction.

What is a Résumé?

Résumé is an important document that elaborates upon your achievements and hard work that you have put in since you started earning in formal sector. Considering that the Resume does a lot of talking about your personality in your absence, this makes in even more important to prepare it with utter care. Let the Resume describe your personality and skills to the recruiter in a way that he/she is forced to connect with you and re-affirm if the facts mentioned in it is the “REAL YOU”.

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To make this wish come true, it is imperative that you use appropriate and exact Action words that describe your accomplishments and skills. Not only this, but they also gives and impression of your wide experience in the field that remains vacant with the recruiter.

Why Use Action Words?

While, you must be wondering whether ‘Action Words’ will be able to serve the purpose to get you hired, here we bring for you the real reasons as to why you shouldn’t miss including action words in your Resume:

1. Saves Time and Effort:  Action Words makes it easier for the recruiter to quickly skim through your resume and get a fair idea about your skills and other qualifications for the job. Hiring managers appreciate those who save their time.

2. Increases Chance of Automated Selection: Now-a-days, organisation take into use Applicant Tracking System (ATS). These tracking systems help screen applications so that employers only need to focus on the top candidates. If you use the right action words that are relevant for the recruiter and needed in the job description floated in the market, there are high chances that your resume will surely get shortlisted with your dream company.

3. Enhances Reading Experience: Repetitive usage of the same word to emphasize upon your skills can become monotonous for the one scanning your resume. By including interesting and relevant action words, you can guide the hiring manager about your exact skills and break the monotony of hackneyed piece of work.   

Read the list of powerful action words that you must not forget to include in your resume and cover letters when applying for your next job:

Accomplish Advertise Approve Estimate Negotiate Oversee Contract
Delegate Develop Employ Mediate Schedule Solve Hire
Innovate Integrate Lead Research Chair Complete Present
Publish Advise Relate Attain Expand Generate Summarize
Achieve Devise Arrange Evaluate Obtain Perceive Control
Demonstrate Interpret Encourage Moderate Screen Speak Identify
Inspect Recruit Maintain Resolve Clarify Conceive Preside
Qualify Direct Renew Budget Expedite Govern Supervise
Act Interview Assemble Examine Operate Perform Cooperate
Design Rectify Enlarge Modify Select Staff Implement
Install Analyze Manage Review Collaborate Guide Process
Raise Distribute Report Exchange Facilitate Persuade Support
Adapt Introduce Assess Monitor Order Conduct Coordinate
Detail Apply Enlist Revise Communicate Handle Improve
Institute Draft Represent Calculate Familiarize Plan Produce
Recommend Invent Assign Execute Serve Stimulate Survey
Administer Reduce Establish Motivate Compare Consult Correct
Determine Approach Market Scan Originate Head Increase
Instruct Edit Reorganize Catalogue Compile Prepare Program
Reconcile Investigate Assist Exhibit Formulate Stimulate Synthesize

We hope that the list of the Action words mentioned above will adorn your resume to describe you in the best possible manner. But before you use these words, make sure that you do not end up providing wrongful words that do not relate you your skills or personality. Remain honest while choosing the words from the above list. 

Indeed, a thoughtful choice of words will set you apart from the other candidates. And Action words have a potential to make this task smooth and steady. Make your resume come lively among the huge stack of other applicants because “Resume is the first stepping stone to get a foot in the door in your dream organisation”.

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