Top 15 Inspirational Books to Guide You Through the Success Path

If you are struggling with self-doubts, anxiety, low self-confidence or simply finding an inspirational figure to look up to, we’re here for you. With goals, ambitions, dreams, results, and success occupying a major part of our thoughts, it is tiring to feel motivated every single day. These 15 inspirational books by some of the best authors will help you get through tough days with ease. Read ahead to know more.

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Best Inspirational Books
Best Inspirational Books

It is safe to say that the relationship you have with yourself is the most important one of them all. It ultimately defines your whole life. While there is so much inspiration out there, sometimes we come across books, websites, etc that are just WOW! Breathtaking. Like so with the books this post is about. No matter where you are at in life, no matter what beliefs you have about yourself, these books are for you. 

1. Zen and the Art of Happiness

Zen and the Art of Happiness reminds about all the reason we read- to understand, to imagine, to find compassion and to find self-worth. This is an English translation of its Chinese version. Based on the belief “˜Everything that happens to you is the best possible thing that can happen to you”, the book cleverly and appealingly pursues you to believe in the power of the universe. The book is small, easy to read and not preachy. The book is penned by Chris Prentiss, an acknowledged expert on the ancient Chinese subject of I-Ching. Chris runs a substance abuse treatment center in California. He writes on addiction issues as well as Chinese philosophy.

Discover the art of happiness with this amazing book available on Amazon at an offer price of Rs. 140/- only. 

2. The Amazing Results of Positive Thinking

The Amazing results of Positive Thinking is a sequel of the foundation book The Power of Positive Thinking. Peale’s optimism of the power of the human spirit to overcome challenges and achieve success is evident throughout the book. While it’s debated whether the anecdotes in the book are fact or fable, it’s of no matter. The stories illustrate how the power of positive thinking is the key to achieving a state of happiness and success. And it certainly beats the alternative. I know of very few if any people who have achieved a lasting state of happiness or success looking at life through a pessimistic lens.

Peale’s teachings help control that “inner voice” that talks to us all day long. That inner voice controls and determines our mood, our actions, and our overall outlook on life. The more we can train and control our inner voice, the better our chance at achieving the outcomes we desire.

This book is a must-read for every student or professional looking out for ways to tame their wandering thoughts. Get the paperback edition of the book available on Amazon for Rs. 319/- only.

3. Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude


This book by Napolean Hill is a classic book for self-improvement. It is possible to make all your dreams come true - just think positively and discover how to awaken hidden powers within you. This book will show you just how easy it is to follow your dreams and achieve success in life. Learn how to: motivate yourself, develop personal initiative and self-discipline, use creative visualization, employ organized thinking and concentrate your efforts to concentrating your energy in following your dreams.

Start your part of self-improvement with this motivational book available on Amazon for just Rs. 129/- only.

4. The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

A staple in the self-help industry, this book is practically legend. Often lauded as Stephen Covey’s seminal work, it outlines transformative habits. More than just a book for those looking to get into the business, this little tome can help you no matter what you’re studying. With its no-nonsense style and easy reading, this is a must-read for everyone. This book will help you organize your life from the inside out. It may be celebrating its 30th anniversary, but the advice is far-reaching and timeless. 

End your search for an inspirational book with The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People available on Amazon for Rs. 129/- only. 

5. How to Stop Worrying & Start Living

Anxiety is a real issue often left unaddressed. However, this book acknowledges every aspect of anxiety as a problem, how to live a stress-free and less-worried life. Worrying is the opposite of being happy and learning how to overcome worrying means learning how to be happy. This inspirational book by the well know motivation speaker and author Dale Carnegie is divided into 8 parts with several chapters. A heavy-hitting self-help classic, Carnegie literally taught us everything we need to know on the concept of worrying less and living more.

Start your stress-free life journey with this best-seller available on Amazon for Rs. 88/- only.

6. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck

A Counterintuitive Approach To Living A Good Life, former dating coach Mark Manson offers advice that’s both punchy and profane. The book is a good guide to figuring out what you want in life and at work, and how to achieve it.

Using his own life as an example in the book, Manson talks about how the pressure to be exceptional led him to drugs and serial womanizing. It’s only when he realized that neither he nor his problems were special that he cleaned up his act and worked towards becoming an entrepreneur. He credits his success to his lack of fear of failure. 

This book is a classic read for every single person passing through his youth with lots of unanswered questions in their heads. Get this book for a better insight on how every damn you give in life is a countable one. 

Available on Amazon for Rs. 299/-, this book is a must-read for people looking our for an inspiring person to look up to.

7. The Power of Your Subconscious Mind


If you are a firm believer in God, Karma and the spiritual way of living a better life, this book is definitely for you! The first few chapters deal with improving health by praying (turning to the subconscious mind). The book is far from scientific ways of preaching and concentrates more on the spiritual methods of taking over your sub-conscious mind. All in all the book is inspiring if you are willing to let go of your rational scientific thoughts while reading the book. 

Get this popular self-help book from Amazon at an offer price of Rs. 99/- only.

8. The Miracle Morning: The 6 Habits That Will Transform Your Life Before 8 AM

As quoted by the author “helping you to become the person you need to be to create everything you have ever wanted in your life. There are no limits.” This book teaches you the power of a purpose in life and how everything changes when your life in alignment with that. While this book is all about how to become the person you want to be, Hal Elrod does not only teach you how to rise early, he also gives you the tools to become that person you desire to be. He calls them the SAVERS. A set of six simple, life-enhancing, life-changing daily practices, each of which develops one or more of the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your life.

This book is a must-read for people of all generations struggling to find the purpose of their life. Get this self-help book from Amazona t an offer price of Rs. 121/- only.

9. Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time

This book by Brian Tracy offers a cure for the curse of modern-day living- procrastination. However, ‘Eat that Frog’ is more than a book on procrastination. Essentially, it is a book about goals- clarifying what you want and the power of the written goal. He expounds the 80/20 theory, and a new theory on me, the priority setting ABCDE technique. He himself asserts, “This technique is so simple and effective that it can, all by itself, make you one of the most efficient and effective people in your field.” 

Tracy challenges the reader in new ways of thinking. He cuts across the deception of ‘time-saving technology’ and offers practical suggestions on how to break down tasks and how best to complete tasks. 

Learn new ways to achieve your goals in time with this inspiring book available on Amazon for Rs. 177/- only.                       

10. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari: A Fable About Fulfilling Your Dreams and Reaching Your Destiny

As the subtitle suggests, it’s a fable, and it’s one that will certainly make you give some thought to your life, your goals, your dreams and how your daily habits help you reach those dreams. In other words, right up the Zen Habits alley.

 The book takes the form of a fable about Julian Mantle, a high-profile attorney with a crazy schedule and a set of priorities that center around money, power, and prestige. The story is told from the perspective of one of his associates, who admires Mantle’s great success and aspires to be like him.

The core of the book is the Seven Virtues of Enlightened Learning, which Mantle reveals one by one. Now, although the book presents them as actual Virtues learned from Himalayan gurus, however, the authenticity of the claim is doubtful.

Get this International Best Seller from Amazon at an offer price of Rs. 148/- only.

11. Inner Engineering: A Yogi’s Guide to Joy

The book is a wonderful introduction to Yoga and Well-being offered in Sadhguru’s inimitable style, filled with jokes and anecdotes. There are Sadhanas (Spiritual Practices) offered throughout the book. With its blend of modern language and ancient yogic practice, Inner Engineering seems at least partially geared toward younger readers. Paradoxically, the author’s use of present-day symbolism and terminology is traditional in itself.

If you have motivational videos and attended lectures of Sadguru this book is a blend of all of them with a few new subjects added.

Get this inspiring personality development.

12. Wings of Fire: An Autobiography of Abdul Kalam

Wings of Fire is an autography of APJ Abdul Kalam covering his early life and his work in Indian space research and missile programs. It is the story of a boy from a humble background who went on to become a key player in Indian space research/Indian missile programs and later became the president of India. For people looking for an excuse to not follow their dreams and goals, this book will surely inspire you to not beat around the bush about destiny and do some real hard-work in life.

Be inspired by one of the most generous and qualified Presidents of India, dive through the chapters of his life through this book available on Amazon for just Rs. 148/- only.

13. Small Move, Big Change

If you often make resolutions but fail to follow them, technology expert Caroline L. Arnold shows you how to improve your life with “compact and powerful” resolutions that “nail a precise behavioral target exactly and deliver benefits immediately.” The author is low-key in an encouraging way, and she lays out a method of conduct that is small but meaningful, a compact commitment designed to overpower a precise target and deliver the immediate benefits of achievement—in other words, a sustainable act of willpower, working from the edge of the issue to the heart of any matter

Set your goals straight and achieve them on set timelines with the insightful ideas from the book available on Amazon for Rs. 375/- only.

14. The Power of Now


The central theme of the book is the importance of living in the present and enjoying the current moment of life. He correctly points out that for all practical purposes, the past and future are nowhere as important as the current moment. The book is organized in the form of question and answer sessions and the intention seems to convince the reader about the Power of Now.

The book has presented the new-age problems and it’s solutions elegantly and convincingly. Open your mind for the successful journey with this life-changing inspirational book available on Amazon for Rs. 374/- only.

15. Rising Strong

The goal of the Rising Strong process is, “to rise from our falls, overcome our mistakes, and face hurt in a way that brings more wisdom and wholeheartedness. This whole process is divided into three steps of the reckoning, the rumble, and the revolution. The introvert’s point of view of the author makes it evident that you do not have to be the life of the party to have an impact on this world. 

If you feel all alone or all by yourself or lack the feeling of self-worth and self-motivation this book is surely going to leave a lasting positive impact on your life.

Get this best read from Amazon for Rs. 443/- only.

In the current busy world, we are all in the rat race for success and fortune. These books have a good message of self-analysis, personality development, and inspirational thoughts. What is more important is to live the current moment. And I think that message alone makes it worthwhile to read the book. 

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