Budget shopping guide for college students

Living on a shoe-string budget in college can be comparatively easy if students learn the art of smart shopping. Here are some tips to do that.

Budget shopping guide for college students
Budget shopping guide for college students

Tag-less shopping remains a dream for most students during their time in college because of understandable crunch of money. Smart shopping skills can be the saviour for any student under such circumstances. With so many expenses lined up, it is more than essential to learn some shopping hacks which can sail your boat through the semester without asking for money from parents again and again. Here are some tips for smart, pocket-friendly shopping.

Thrift shopping is the way to go

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Every city has at least one shopping area from where you can buy factory rejects. These pieces are rejected for minor flaws like a missing button or improper stitching, things which are not very evident and visible to the eyes easily. If you are careful enough to not fall prey to the ever low prices, these places can get you a good deal for your money. There is no returns available for such clothes but the price more than makes up for the risk.

Buy things in bulk

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Stock up things you need regularly, but make sure they are not perishable eating items because you don't want to invest in something and waste it later by not using. The 'saver packs' etc are low on cost and also save you the effort of going to the store again and again. Apart from eatables, things like toilet paper, tissues, stationery and trash bags should be bought in bulk.

Keep a watch on store launches

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Big brands give heavy discounts when they are launching a new store. This could be a good time to buy clothes and accessories so that you have branded stuff without burning a hole in your pocket. Following these brands' official pages on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram can be a good idea to know about any new launch.

Bargain your way through

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Bargaining can help you immensely in saving money. Unlike what you think, you can even bargain on MRP which is thought to be fixed. Bargaining can be your weapon while thrift shopping where the shopkeepers usually tell rates higher than they are. Once you visit a place on a regular basis, you will develop a sense of which item costs how much and you will be able to get a good deal.

Buy things online

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A lot of times you will find that things are less expensive on online shopping sites than they are in stores. Couple this with regular discounts and cash back options on cards from selected banks and you have some good amount of money saved every month. There are many other advantages of online shopping:

  • You can easily compare prices. As easy as switching between two tabs.

  • You can also buy directly from a manufacturer on the web and avoid many fees of transportation and middle management.

  • You can buy things whenever and from wherever you want.

Ask the prices around

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Whenever you are going out to buy anything, discuss its price with your seniors or batch mates. You will then have a better idea about how much anything costs so that you can call out the shopkeeper or bargain accordingly. Just getting a good amount of information about anything can save you a lot of money.


Apart from teaching you various subjects every semester, college will train you in smart, budget shopping which has almost become a life skill in today's day and age. The next time you visit the market, make sure you use these tips and save money and time.

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