CBSE 12th Political Science Board Exam 2020: Check Chapter-Wise Important Topics

CBSE 12th Political Science important topics are given here. Go through the topics from all the 18 chapters which are expected in CBSE class 12 Board Exam 2020.  


CBSE 12 Political Science Topics
CBSE 12 Political Science Topics

With CBSE 12th Political Science Board Exam 2020 scheduled on 6th March (Friday), students who are on their last-minute revision must check the given important topics. The chapter-wise topics are from CBSE prescribed NCERT books i.e. ‘Contemporary World Politics’ and ‘Politics in India Since Independence’. With a total of 18 chapters in both the books, going through some of the topics will help in achieving the desired score.

The pattern of the board exam paper of Political Science is divided into theory exam and project work. The theory is of 80 marks while the project work is of 20 marks. For the theory paper, check the important topics from below and prepare well for the CBSE board exam 2020.

CBSE 12th Political Science Board Exam 2020: Check Chapter-Wise Important Questions & Answers of all the Chapters

CBSE Class 12 Chapter-Wise Important Topics from 'Contemporary World Politics’

 Chapter 1- The Cold War Era

- What is Cold War?

- The emergence of two power blocs

- Cuban Missile Crisis

- Arenas of the cold war

Chapter 2- The End of Bipolarity

- India’s relations with Russia

- What is the Soviet Union?

- Democratic Politics and Capitalism in post-communist regime

Chapter 3- US Hegemony in World Politics

- Economical and Ideological challenges to the US

- Beginning of New World Order

- 9/11 and start of Global war on terror

- Invasion of Iraq

- Rising constraints on American Power

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Chapter 4- Alternative Centre of Power

- Developing relations between India and China

- China’s rise as an economic power in the post- Mao era  

- Creation of the European Union and ASEAN

 Chapter 5- Contemporary South Asia

- Democracy in Bangladesh

- Military and Democracy in Pakistan

- Conflict in Sri Lanka on the basis of ethnicity

- Conflicts and Peace in South Asia

Chapter 6- International Organisations

- UN Evolution

- UN Reform after the Cold War

- Position of India in the structured UN

- Rise of economic International Organisations

 Chapter 7- Security in the Contemporary World

- Traditional Security and Cooperation

- Definition of Security

- Human Rights and Migration

- Global Poverty

Chapter 8- Environment and Natural Resources

- India on Environmental Issues

- Struggle on traditional and common property resources

- Evolution of Environmental norms globally

 Chapter 9- Globalisation

- Economic and Cultural Consequences of Globalisation

- Movements against Globalization

- Globalization in India

CBSE Class 12 Chapter-Wise Important Topics from ‘Politics in India Since Independence’

 Chapter 1- Challenges of Nation Building

- Rising political conflicts over language

- Kashmir Problem

- Challenges to the Nation Building

- Partition legacy

Chapter 2- Era of One-Party Dominance

- Domination of Congress in the first three general elections

- Opposition parties

- Nature of Congress Dominance

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Chapter 3- Politics of Planned Development

- A different idea of development

- Five-year planning

- Green Revolution and its Political fallout

- Agriculture vs industry and public vs private sector

Chapter 4- India’s External Relations

- India’s Policy of Non-Alignment

- Peace and Conflict Relations with China

- War with Pakistan in 1965 and 1971

- Sino-Indian War in 1962 

 Chapter 5- Challenges to and Restoration of the Congress System

- Changes in power from Nehru to Shastri and from Shastri to Indira

- Fourth General elections of 1967 and it's electoral upset

- Rise of coalitions

- The victory of Congress in 1971 elections

- Politics of Garibi Hatao

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Chapter 6- The Crisis of the Democratic Order

- Gujarat and Bihar Movements

- Emergency. Its context and resistance against it

- Formation of Janta Party and 1977 elections

- Civil Liberal organisations

Chapter 7- Rise of Popular Movements

- Different forms of movements such as women’s, farmer’s, environment

- Party based movements

- Nature of Movements

- Chipko Movement

- Non-Party Movements

- Narmada Bachao Aandolan and lesson learned from popular movements

Chapter 8- Regional Aspirations

- Challenges to North-East Regions

- Jammu & Kashmir issue

- Movements against outsiders

- Regional issue of Punjab

- Operation Blue Star

- The assassination of Indira Gandhi which led violence against Sikhs

Chapter 9- Recent Developments in Indian Development

- The era of Coalition Government (NDA- 1998 to 2004, UPA- 2004 to 2014, NDS - 2014 onwards)  

- Political Rise of Other Backward Classes

- Rise of Regional Parties

-Communalism, Secularism, and Democracy    

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