CBSE Class 10 Social Science Paper Today: Check tips to write perfect answers in three hours

CBSE class 10 students will write their Social Science exam tomorrow. Students can know here the tips to write perfect answers in Social Science paper to help in scoring maximum marks.

CBSE Class 10 Social Science Paper 2019
CBSE Class 10 Social Science Paper 2019

The Central Board of Secondary Education is organising the class 10 Social Science paper today, 29 March, 2019. There will be enthusiasm among the students that today is the last paper and the nervousness of the fact that in Social Sciences, they will have to answer the four subjects of History, Civics, Geography and Economics. In fact, most of the students feel that it is difficult to score good marks in Social Sciences. But it's not like that. Students should go all confident in the examination hall to write an excellent exam and give it a fantastic ending to their board examinations. Experts suggest here a few important exam writing tips following which students will be able to deal with the Social Science exam in a much better way. These tips will surely help students score high in today’s paper.

Tips to write CBSE Class 10 Social Science Exam 2019:

  • To begin with, utilise first 15 minutes in thoroughly reading the question paper and preparing a draft in your mind about how you will be writing answers to all given questions in next 3 hours.
  • Start with the one mark questions as they will be easy to attempt in less time. Then move on to the 3 markers followed with the long answer type questions which carry 5 marks each. Leave space for the questions which you are not sure about. Writing the paper this way will help to stay organised and keep an idea of how many questions you left unanswered.

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  • While trying to attempt the questions for which you have no clear answers in brain, try to recall and collect all the related events. If you still can’t remember, leave some space for those answers without wasting much time. It has been observed that while working with other questions, facts related to the unsure questions also get collected in brain. So, you can manage to write answers for such questions later in the exam.
  • Do not start your paper with the long answers as it will take most of your time in recalling and writing these answers. Then you will be left with very less time to attempt other short answer type questions which could be written more correctly in less time.

CBSE 10th Board Exam 2019: Important Tips & Resources To Score Above 90% In Social Science Paper

  • Do not spend more than 3 minutes on answering a one mark question, 7 - 8 minutes on answering a three marks question and 10 minutes on answering a five marks question.
  • Try to attempt long answer type questions in points with writing details against each point.
  • Try not to exceed word limits in your answers. Keep your answers concise and precise, with a good introduction and conclusion.
  • Include diagrams and flow charts to make your answers look expressive and informative.

CBSE Class 10 Topper’s Answer Sheet for Social Science Paper 2018

  • Highlight the headings and important points in your answers. It is possible that after seeing the important keywords as highlighted, the evaluator won’t go through the details written in paragraphs and give you perfect score for that answer.
  • Keep a check on time and speed to ensure that you finish your paper well in time.
  • Do not miss to revise your answers, however lengthy the paper may be. Try to take out at least 10-15 minutes time in last to go through your answer sheet. It can help you in filling up the missing dates or facts in your answers.
  • Mark the locations on map clearly with bold indications.
  • Tie maps properly with the answer sheet.

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